The World’s Sickest Generation

The World’s Sickest Generation

My father was part of the American generation that went to fight in WWII, know as the Greatest Generation.  How do we go from the greatest to the sickest in 74 years?  Well, the amount of pages to answer that would probably be around 740, so I’m going to keep it down to around a page and a half and just talk about one aspect of what is making us so sick.

One in every 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer.  Maybe that is because they began life exposed to as many as 287 toxins out of the possible 413 nasty chemicals that were studied?  When we have toxins in our body, our immune system is suppressed.  A missing link in the global battle against infectious disease is realizing that environmental toxins effect the developing immune system.

Current studies have demonstrated that genetic predisposition accounts for approximately 30% of all autoimmune diseases.  That means the remaining 70% of the skyrocketing amounts of autoimmune diagnoses are due to environmental factors, including toxic chemicals, dietary components, gut dysbiosis, and infections.

If you are obese you are extremely challenged because it is a multi-factorial disease.  Obesity is the most common metabolic disorder in the western hemisphere.  It has exponentially risen during the last 3 decades.  It is an epidemic.  Recent evidence reveals that it may represent an adverse health consequence of exposure during the critical developmental windows to environmental chemicals, which disrupt endocrine function.  Exposure to these chemicals plays a key role in the development of obesity related metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.  That would certainly explain the millions of people failing on a diet.

The earth has a long history of poisoning itself.  Ancient Rome had a lead problem as well.  Many of their aqueducts were purposely coated with sheets of lead.  Thank god we have an EPA that doesn’t allow lead anymore, unless of course you live in Flint Michigan where their water went ignored as it poisoned tens of thousands of it’s people.  But it is not just Flint, the last study I read, there are 18 other cities just as messed up.  However, excessive lead levels have been found in almost 2,000 water systems across America.

Keep in mind that lead poisoning is generational.  The lead is inherited in utero from the mom to the baby for 4 generations.  The lead turns on bad genes associated with many diseases even obesity for 4 generations.  Lead is stored in bones.  The mom may have enough stored up calcium to make the first baby, but the 2nd one may have to get it’s calcium out of mom’s bones.  If that is the case, when the bones are cannibalized to get calcium for junior, the lead breaks free and goes along with the calcium into the fetus.

4 generations may not seem like something you can relate to since you are a member of only one generation.  Let’s look at the definitions for the past 5 generations.

Traditionalists born before 1945.

Baby Boomers born 1946-1964.

Generation X 1965-1980.

Generation Y or Millennials 1981-1995.

Generation Z 1996 to 2012.  That is an awfully big price to pay for being exposed to lead.

When looking at a chart of deaths from senile dementia it perfectly increases, coincides  with the increase use of Glyphosate.  Weed killer from Monsanto that is.  People would rather lose their minds that pull out a weed.

Mercury is a major cause of dementia.  Dementia now strikes people in their 40’s.  Mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage.  Young adults are exhibiting early signs of  Alzheimer’s.  The list of adverse symptoms from Mercury is very long.  Depression, fatigue, anxiety, forgetfulness, twitching, digestive issues, constipation/diarrhea, frequent bad breath, constant body odor, dizziness, irritability, sensitivity to sound, inability to concentrate-brain fog, abnormal menses, low body temperature, cold hands and feet, tender teeth, tinnitus, insomnia, metallic taste in the mouth, nail fungus, unexplained anger, autoimmune responses.  Maybe I should have titled this the Mercury Generation?

The more amalgam fillings present in your mouth, the more mercury you will have in your organs, including the brain, kidneys, heart, and liver.

The point of this paragraph is to demonstrate that toxins are unavoidable.  Tyson recently recalled 12 million pounds of frozen, ready to eat chicken strips because the might be contaminated with pieces of metal.  Consumer Reports was concerned about levels of heavy metals in baby and toddler foods. Gynecologists and Obstetricians are screening women for exposures to toxins.  Even flossing increases your exposure to toxic chemicals.  The stuff that makes the floss slide through your teeth gets through your gums and into your blood stream.  Forever chemicals are found in seafood, meats, and chocolate cake, according to the FDA.  Pesticides are found in up to 70% of produce.

Toxins, trauma, and infection result in inflammation.  Inflammation is the common denominator for many health issues.

You can eat a lot of turmeric, vitamin C, Glutathione, fish oil, etc. and I do, but, if you are full of heavy metals, you can eat all the Chlorella you can, but it more likely than not will not be able to remove the heavy metals accumulated in your tissues.  The only way I know to accomplish this gargantuan task is to first visit an environmental dentist and have all your mercury fillings removed.  Then visit a chelation specialist to measure the amount of mercury in your tissues, which is done by 24 hour urine tests after receiving an I.V. filled with chelators designed to remove the heavy metals, mostly mercury.  This process can take a month or two before you are empty of mercury.

I did this thinking it would help my insomnia.  It didn’t, but I do not regret removing the large amounts of mercury I had stored in my body.  Now I’m getting more stupid at a slower rate.


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