This Could Save You 90 Minutes

This is what I thought were the highlights of an hour and a
half movie titled Cut Poison Burn by Nehst Studios about cancer.

Since the war on cancer begun in 1971 more than 14,800,000
have died from some form of the disease.  1,500 die every day from cancer.  There were 565,000 deaths in 2009 from cancer.  More people will die in this country from cancer in the next 3 years than all the soldiers since the American Revolution.

A person who gets prostate cancer or breast cancer today
will live no longer than someone who got it in 1920 even with modern
technology, chemotherapy, surgery, immuno-therapy, pet scans, MRI scans, and radiation
centers.  Some cancers have better odds of success with current conventional therapies such as testicular cancer, lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s disease.  The more common cancers, colon, breast, lung, and prostate are not really susceptible to modern treatment.

There are hundreds of different forms of cancer.  Hippocrates around 400 B.C. described cancer as having tentacles and named it Carcinoma the Greek word for crab.  The first radical mastectomy was performed in 1894 at John Hopkins by Dr. Halstead.  Current
treatment is aimed at killing the cells whether by cutting it out or poisoning it or radiating it hence, the title of the movie.

Conventional medicine does not know how to treat cancer.  They will treat the lump or
bump.  Burn it away, cut it out, or poison it.  If they get rid of the lump or bump then they think they cured it.  Tamoxifen causes uterine cancer and after 5 years causes
breast cancer which is what it is suppose to treat.  But the drug has created 6 billion dollars in sales for Astra Xenica.  It’s part of an industry that is worth 70 billion dollars a year.  The average bill for a cancer patient from the time they are diagnosed until the time they die is $350,000.

We started out on the wrong foot and we are staying there because it is profitable.  The patients would have felt a lot better than if they had not undergone chemo and
statistically would have died at the same time.  Conventional medicine thinks they can kill the cancer cells just before they kill the patient.

“I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical company with unlimited finances.”  Dr. Richard J. Crout, Director, FDA Bureau of Drugs 1982.

The purpose of the American Cancer Society is to suppress alternative treatments and not allow the consumer to know they exist.  The American Cancer society is one of the
wealthiest nonprofit organizations.  It has 2.3 billion dollars in assets.  To get this money it has established relationships with corporations.  They use to work with the tobacco
industry.  Breast cancer awareness month is very profitable for G.E. who makes the mammography machines, and pharmaceutical companies that make Tamoxifen that causes cancer.

Everybody is using the pink ribbon for advertising, but very few dollars actually make it to research.  The ACS is more interested in accumulating money than it is in saving lives.  It’s CEO in 2008, made over a million dollars.  If a cure for cancer was found, they would be put out of business.  The ACS is an impediment to advances in cancer therapy.

Originally around 1930, the Pap smear was banned from use.  For 30 years physicians chose to radiate and surgically remove the cervix and pushed for the Pap smear to remain
illegal.  By 1960 it was utilized and deaths from uterine cancer began to decrease significantly.  There is a constant battle to suppress information and innovation.

The FDA’s position of you must use our standard of care therapies that are toxic and mostly unsuccessful just means they are standard because anyone who opposes them is thrown in jail.  If you oppose them they will take away all your kids until you submit and let them burn your sick kid.  The therapy that is not working is the one that will receive the most protection from the FDA.  President Reagan received Laetrile for his colon cancer and lived to his 90’s.  He had to secretly get it in Mexico.

The cancer industry, especially the FDA is a cesspool.  The FDA’s sign says that they protect America’s health.  This is probably the biggest lie our government feeds us.  The priority of Congress is to not antagonize this cesspool because they need it’s money for
their next campaign.  The pharmaceutical industry spent over 28 million dollars just on campaign contributions in 2008.  I don’t think that includes lobbying.  The NIH will have no part of investigating or validating alternative treatments even though they have a department for alternative medicine to serve exactly that purpose.

Only 6% of cancers are genetic.  That means we have many ways to prevent
it.  Migratory studies from Japan to Hawaii to the Continental U.S. show large upticks in cancer related to dietary changes.  There are no economic incentives for prevention.  Doctor’s are paid to treat not prevent cancer.

“The National Cancer Program is a bunch of shit”, Dr. James Watson, 1975 discover of DNA, Nobel Laurate.  “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud”, Dr. LInus Pauling 1986 Nobel Laureate.   “We have a schizophrenic system.  New
direction is urgently needed.”, Dr. Paul Calabresi, 1994, Chairman, National
Cancer Advisory Board.

The war on cancer would have moved a lot quicker if the FDA were not obstructing it.  Congress is not making health laws.  They are made by regulatory bureaucrats that are insulated from the law.  Research needs to be detached from the financial agenda so scientists could make some progress.

MTP an anti-cancer agent that is 30% more effective than
standard agents is legal in 27 countries in the EU.  It can only be used in the U.S. after the
patient has been poisoned and is going to die anyway.

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