This just not in.

Any mind blowing, medical myth breaking news lately.  Well this one was actually predicted in 1895 by the first chiropractor, about 35 years before they could see what a nerve looked like.

In 2011 a study was performed by 8 PhD’s and 1 Chiropractor. They used a PET scan as a neuro-imaging technique to measure neuronal activity in the brain.  They measured brain glucose consumption after a chiropractic adjustment because it indicates brain metabolic activity.

The study clearly demonstrated that the sympathetic tone of the nervous system was inhibited.  That means after a chiropractic adjustment, you have chemically, less stress taking place within your body.  That means it is a little bit more powerful than what medical doctors think that we are good for, which is that we might possibly be of some benefit for low back pain without leg radiation, which by the way, studies have proved for decades that we are much better for back pain than any other known treatment to medical science.

But life is more than just a pain in the back.  Hans Selye the famous endocrinologist that pioneered the general adaption theory of stress would certainly agree with me on that.  He concluded that if you can’t adapt to stress your body begins to fail and a failing body usually means you are on the 12 items or less checkout counter.   But fear not my fair minded health enthusiasts, I just mentioned above that science has proven that just one chiropractic adjustment regulates your nervous system and allows it to deal with stress better.

So if you are highly educated and have a degree in medicine, you’ll ignore all this and wait until you are really sick and have to ask your doctor for a pill that they promise will kill you.  Or you might want to go to that crazy chiropractor that turns out, is not so crazy after all.  In fact, it turns out we had it right from the very beginning, which was 1895.  It was a wild guess that just turned out to be true.

The best thing I can offer you as a chiropractor is to teach you how to not need medicine.



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