The Truth About Chiropractic And Pinched Nerves.

The Truth About Chiropractic And Pinched Nerves.


There are no pinched nerves.  That’s it.  No more story.  Hey, come back here, there is a lot more story, sorry for that false hope of getting out of class early.

Of course there are pinched nerves, but most likely you don’t have one.  If you did, you would see muscle wasting/ atrophy and weakness.  Some people feel tingling and that is nerve related, but not that example that Chiropractors have told to patients for decades about the hard bone on a soft nerve.  Right now I’m bent over typing and my nerves are not being pinched.  But that doesn’t mean they are not being affected.  This segue is maybe hard to follow but follow it you should.

We have an epidemic of disease and much of it is brain based.  We don’t have this epidemic because the chiropractors didn’t explain what they do correctly, because quite frankly the reason it is explained that way is because the average patient does not have the patience to listen to the full explanation.  With modern technology we have even less time and are very impatient.  If someone doesn’t immediately answer your text you immediately feel rejected.

The neurological epidemic is right in front of you, but the news is not explaining it the way I’m going to.  Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Insomnia, Lupus, MS, Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Tinnitus are diseases that medicine would never lump into one category.  Some affect the nervous system, some the digestive system, others are called autoimmune diseases, but they all have the nervous system in common.  All disease is caused by constant low levels of physical, chemical, and emotional stress.  All patients know that they are dealing with stress all day, but they don’t know how it impacts their life.  25% of surveyed patients said that their daily stress level is extreme.  40% said that their stress is increasing.  The average amount of stress was rated between 7 to 8 out of 10.

This epidemic is not because chiropractors control the health care system or because they didn’t explain what they do accurately.  After over a hundred years of chiropractors explaining chiropractic, they still see about 10% of the population, so we obviously aren’t getting a good crack at fixing it.  Pun intended.

Modern life, with our fast pace, amazing technology, our information driven life, has placed us into this neurological epidemic.  We are exposed to chronic stress each and every day.  Eventually stress wares down our brain and body.  We were not meant to be chased by T-Rex 24/7.   Our own National Institute of Health states that 90% of illness is caused by stress.

This was known in the 30’s but definitely known in the 50’s when the book, The Stress of Life was a number one seller.  It’s gotten worse since then.  Is it because our genes/DNA has changed?  Our genes just react to the environment.  Our genes are not going to change and now turn us into a dog.  But the genes can be turned on by toxic environments to create disease states.

Stress affects our two nervous systems; the gas pedal part, aka sympathetics, and the brakes, the parasympathetics, or thought of another way, our Survival nervous system and Healing nervous system.

If we are stuck in sympathetic overdrive-survival, we lose our ability to heal, to do the things that we consider make us human, to grow, even to love.  Our capacity to learn is greatly diminished.  Eventually we can’t adapt to this constant state of Adrenalin and we get a disease.  Which disease?

What kind of disease do we get?  That is the job of the medical doctor, to find out what you have.  What you have is anything; because prolonged unresolved stress creates imbalances in your nervous system and that will cause whatever disease it is you have.  So for example, if I’m treating your indigestion and not what is causing it, you are going to buy Prilosec for the rest of your life.  The rest of your life will be much shorter because Prilosec will prevent you from ever being healthy again.

How is it that you can go to 100 different chiropractors, get 100 different weird treatments and get better?  The common denominator is we are balancing your brain.  It turns out by total coincidence that the way the nervous system is physically constructed gives chiropractors a 200 times better chance of affecting your nervous system than any other form of healing.  If you want to know how I came up with 200 times better you could read an older blog where I discuss the dissection of tissue in different areas of the body.  Said another way, it is not a coincidence and if your nervous system was in your toe, we would be toe doctors.  People think that we are back doctors and they don’t realize that we are brain doctors.  It shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that.

Chiropractic restores brain balance and autonomic function controlled by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  People say chiropractors over treat, but stress does not disappear and this is why some people invest in life time care.  Science has proven that the people that continue with chiropractic care after their pain is gone also continue to experience general health improvements.

The spine is the motor that drives the brain.  I wrote an article about how our nervous system has specialized nerve receptors that are stimulated by earth’s gravitational forces and that is actually what powers the brain, however, the spine, especially the upper spine has the most amount of these special type nerves.   90% of the stimulation and nourishment of the brain comes from the spine.  What chiropractors do maximizes brain function.  We reboot the brain; create a functional reorganization in the brain that makes the connection between our cells healthier.  The adjustment stops distorted brain wave patterns.   It improves the more modern and advanced portions of our brains and balances the two hemispheres.  Abilities such as risk evaluation, language skills, motivation, thinking memory, and our basic quality of life are improved while stress, muscle tone, and pain are reduced.

Back in biology class we were astounded to learn that structure determines function.  You know this.  A hinge is only going to allow the door to swing one way.  In many cases our anatomy and cellular anatomy also determines our function, but far more often our function is determining our structure.  Why that is important to think about is because Chiropractors can analyze your posture and determine what part of your brain is out of balance.  Postural neurology is a complex subject to understand, but in short, it allows us to analyze different areas of our brains that can be monitored without expensive high tech equipment, but by simply examining how our bodies are functioning when opposing earth’s gravitational field.  It may seem like magic, but it is just modern chiropractic that is based upon the science and neurology just recently discovered.








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