The Pandemic of Human Suffering: DNA is not the culprit.

The Pandemic of Human Suffering: DNA is not the culprit.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to the cause of this tragedy?  Drugs are not designed to get people well.  They are designed to stop you from complaining as they make you sicker.  They help to keep you on your path to diabetes, cancer and an early death.  On average, people are taking 5 prescriptions and if you watch T.V. you know they want you on a lot more than just 5.

Let’s try a little common sense.  If you took the healthiest person in the world and put them on 5 prescriptions would they get healthier or sicker?

The basic premise of the allopathic medical system is that it is our genes that are causing us to be sick.  You didn’t pick the genes you came with so you are a victim.  Therefore we are all victims and the thought of investing energy into taking control of our lives is not a popular one.  We are seeing an epidemic of suicide, by lifestyle.  Maybe the biggest disease is the disease of irresponsibility.  But why would someone change their diet when they are told it is genetic and they have no hope.

Americans spend 2.5 million dollars per second on chronic illness and they are not getting better with all that money spent.  What do we need to get well?  Can’t answer that until we know why we are so sick.

Only 2.5% of the population has actual bad genes.  The rest of us are genetically perfect.  Our genome has not changed much over the centuries yet our rate of sickness has skyrocketed over the past 50 years.  Science has ignored the concept of what turns on or off a gene.  CNN did an amazing report last week on the rise of double mastectomies.  Poor Angelina Jolie may have started the trend.  Even CNN concluded that there is no reason to have a prophylactic mastectomy.  How did we get to this insane place?

Our DNA is a blue print.  Blue prints at an architect’s office do not turn on and off.  The blue prints are necessary to build a house but you need a contractor and picture him as your mind, spirit, the person that builds your body.  Or picture DNA, Genes, Chromosomes as a recipe.  You still need a cook.  Again, medicine says Genes control our life.  But we know that if you remove the nucleus from a cell, the part of the cell that controls all the genes that the cells can live for months with normal function.

Genes contain potential.  Genes contain information that let us take environmental signals and allows us to adapt to express our physiology to best surviving in that environment.  Genes are not making us sick.  For all the great extinctions that have occurred on earth Genes were never the cause.  It was a change in the animal’s environment.

Dogma is a truth based upon religious persuasion not facts.  Medicine lately has turned into a religion and you will be punished if you question them.  Right now there is a bill running around in the California State Senate that will allow the state to take your kids away if you don’t do whatever they tell you to do, no matter how harmful it could be to your child’s health.

Everyone is talking about stem cells.  We all have them.  Stem cells won’t be of much use if you want that stem cell to grow cartilage and all it does is make another stem cell.  Stem cells have the same exact genetic material.  Place them in one petri dish and they will grow a liver cell.  Put them in some other kind of food environment and they’ll grow a kidney.  They have the same genes yet they are expressing them differently.  Something the medical doctors failed to tell Angelina Jolie.  I think I read that 65% of the women with a mutated damaged BRCA I & 2 genes don’t get breast cancer.

Stem cells have the potential to respond to the environment and to become anything.  Everyone is putting their faith and hope into the pharmaceutical companies going to be able to control the stem cell.  Chances are slim that nature gave us these cells with the intent to make us wait until the pharmaceutical companies figured them out.  If we live in a toxic environment, the stem cells are just going to make damaged cells.  Being that our nervous system communicates to our cells the condition of our environment, if we have unhealthy or unproductive thoughts that too is a part of our epigenetics and will influence the health of the cell.  How we eat, move, and think is our environment and there can be no drug that will replace those key ingredients.

Humans are a community of 50 trillion cells.  If you leave the cells in a toxic petri dish they will not get better by adding drugs into their environment.  A prescription means you have a license to buy something toxic.  Drugs work by preventing the genetic expression of our environment.  They stop the symptoms.  That is the equivalent to smashing the oil light on your car.  You can drive without that annoying light in your eye….. well for awhile, then your car blows up.  Drugs shut off our gauges.  Our symptoms are not the problem.  They are the voice of reason telling us that something is wrong, but we usually don’t pay attention.

The problem is, in the allopathic model, the model that says the gene is everything, they don’t consider to change the environment.  To them, the environment is irrelevant.  It is only the gene that matters.

Agouti mice are bred for their easier availability for gene studies.  They are very obese, have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and their lives are very shortened by their mutant gene.  When the mice are developing in the gestation period, the environment that the mother provides for them, which includes nutrition, that environment can mask and cover up the mutant gene so that it reads as a normal gene.  The mice are not the victim of the agouti gene, the gene that was designed to give them obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer because the mother’s healthy environment was stopping that gene from expressing itself.  We heard the term genetic control and we think controlled by genes.  When I was in school they taught genetics.  There is a new study now called epigenetics.  The prefix epi means above so when we say epigenetic control it literally means control above the genes.  They thought the genes were in control, but we now know something else is.  That something else is how we eat, move, and think.  With epigenetic control mechanisms the same gene blueprint can be modified to create 30,000 different variations from the same gene.  Again, all of our genes have the same identical code to make a complete us.  Yet we are not just a giant kidney or liver or eyeball.  These same genes express all kinds of different things.  We are an incredible variety yet we’re all made from the same set of genes.

A prostate cancer study revealed that over 400 genes could be changed by just exercising and changing diet.  Our natural genetic state is designed to express health and vitality.  There is no drug that can solve a problem created by bad eating, lack of exercise, a lack of self love, community, spirituality.  The people in charge of your health have no training, no knowledge in nutrition and lifestyle.  Their entire curriculum that they are taught makes them obsolete and useless when it comes to wellness and prevention.

Medicine doesn’t assume that there are any healthy human beings, because we are all genetically programmed to get sick.  When doing animal experiments on a type of mice called Voles, they discovered that there are no sick Voles in nature, only in the laboratory.  Once you pull everything out of its natural environment sickness can begin.  BTW, animals can get sick in nature, usually when they are starving, or something has happened to their environment.

The solution:  It is more than just about behavior modification.  We have to modify belief systems.  If you believe that you hate exercise or broccoli it’s not going to happen.  It’s crucial to know why you need to do these things.  Whatever your belief system is, your behavior will follow.  Having awareness, doesn’t mean your behavior is going to change.  You can have this information, but if you don’t walk the walk, it has no value whatsoever.

One of the first subconscious programs that are put into our minds when we are children is that you are not in charge of your health.  That is what the doctor is for.  These programs interfere with our ability to heal ourselves.  They never said the doctor had to do anything.  They just said that you had to go.  So many people get better just going to the doctor not actually receiving any treatment.

Knowledge is self empowering.  Almost all the knowledge of ourself has been acquired from other people and most of it was misinformation that is disempowering.






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