What we now know about water is not what it used to be. Longevity Part 10.

What we now know about water is not what it used to be.  Longevity Part 10.

When I took graduate-level cell biology in 1982 we were still considered to be just fundamentally glucose burning ATP driven machines.  That the mitochondria are the primary locus for understanding cellular bioenergetics.  We have discovered some new concepts since then.

The body is 99% water molecules by number.  Water does have the ability to carry an electrical charge to be able to start and later transmit it.  These electrical charges are also providing energy.  We do not get our energy only from ATP.  Water gets transformed in our body and we need this transformation in areas of the cell called exclusion zones.  Biochemical reactions will not occur without this transformation.  Water is just not water inside our bodies.  It gets structured differently.  As kids were told water has three phases, liquid, solid and vapor.  Science has recently discovered a fourth phase.  This is not a trivial phase and is in massive amounts.  It is considered in an ordered phase of water.

The molecules are not just randomly floating about, but are organized sought of like crystals.  This is important because this is the kind of water that fills our cells.  Our cells are not just built with H2O but they are built with this fourth phase of water.  Our cells are 60 to 80% water.  Changes in our cells are brought about by these different charges in our water.   It is now thought that these electrical charges play a part in the structural changes in the receptors on our membranes that allow nutrients, hormones, etc. to flow in and out of the cell.

When light hits structured water it is able to convert a photon into an electron and that electron is stored around the charge of the cell’s membrane and it begins to act like a battery, as an alternative source of energy beyond our normal food.  This is a mechanism that our bodies use to store energy.  It takes energy from outside, light energy and it converts it into potential energy and uses this energy later to drive all kinds of biological/chemical reactions.

They now think that our capillaries that are in our skin that are exposed to light helps this process.  The heart may be the major driver of flow of blood in our circulatory system but it may not be the only one.  Infrared energy may be contributing to drive the flow of blood.  This energy doesn’t have to come just from the outside, but may also come from metabolic reactions from within us.  There is no question that water conducts light.  Having healthy water in our body gives us the capacity to transfer photons at the speed of light.  That could help allow all the cells in different parts of our bodies to communicate.  Since we are 1 trillion different cells, 1 trillion different amoebas that would normally have their own agendas now working together as a team to make us one, it would seem reasonable to think that a lot of communication is necessary to accomplish this miracle.  This communication is a level that is very different than what we may think is communication.  Water sitting out in nature is exposed to the infrared frequencies of the light spectrum.  This water at the top of a stream or pond is moving and this helps build this fourth phase of structure.  In flowing rivers there are vortices.  The water that is in the vortex swirling around is the ideal water.  We think of water as a dead substance, but we should consider it as alive.  Water supports life when it has this energy and microbes.

The convenience factor in our lives, that we can turn on a faucet and get water out of it makes us lose perspective on what it took for that water to get there.  We lose our reverence for just how important real healthy water is to sustaining our vitality.  With all of our conveniences we have lost all connection to the nature that helped our ancestors get us to where we are.  But where we are now is a very sick place.  We take everything for granted and it divorces us from being connected to what makes us human.  Just walking through a forest reduces our cortisol levels.  This increases our immune response.  This improves executive functioning, sleep, general health.  There is no medication that does this.  It is really important to manage our stress levels.  Being in a natural environment naturally lowers our stress.  Being in a green space improves cognition, it decreases stress and cortisol, it improves reaction time, it improves creativity, it improves strategic and creative thought.  We do not know why yet, but being in nature improves neural plasticity of our brains.  Perhaps because our brains appreciate not being stressed out so they just work better.

Our brain is like a big satellite.  All day long it is taking in information.  It takes in information by what we are feeling, by what we see, hear,  taste, and smell.  If we put ourselves in an environment that is calming like the beach or a forest it becomes healing.  When we smell a fresh plant that information bypasses much of the brain and goes straight to the amygdala, the part of the brain that is involved with emotions.  It can also trigger memories.  There are two things on earth that all life depend on, bees and trees.  The world we live in now is chopping down our trees and we have bee colony collapse from our pesticides.  Beekeepers get stung quite often and they attribute that to not having arthritis.  Honey is a very strong healing food, but not when it is processed and it has all its nutrients boiled out of it.

If you look at cultures from around the world the center of their healthcare, their wellness is plants.  In our culture we have pharmaceuticals.  Sometimes a drug company may crush up a plant and put it in their pill, but we need to start thinking about what a plant is, which is an organism that provides life, it cleans air, it can purify us, it can detox us, it allows us to be our best selves.  In Japan they say good medicine tastes bitter.  Plants don’t like to be eaten so they produce chemicals that make them taste bitter.  Our food industry makes everything taste good and kids now more than ever will not eat their vegetables because they have no idea what real food tastes like, which is a big reason for why they are so sick now.  Plants have qualities that we thought we alone had that made us uniquely human.  We should consider ourselves as that we are in a relationship with plants.  When we are not in this harmonized state we enter into a disease state.

There are 65,000 species or more in the Amazon jungle.  Less than 3% of them have been studied for medicinal properties.  The 3% that have are the large portion of the medicines that we are using.  When drug companies go to the Amazon jungle in order to develop a new medicine they don’t just randomly pick plants.  They speak to the indigenous people that live there about their properties.  If the Amazon is an encyclopedia of medicinal plants then the indigenous people that live there are its index.  The indigenous people are the keepers of this wisdom.

The most important 6 inches for human life is the top 6 inches of our soil and we are destroying it with modern agricultural methods.  The run we have had with better living through modern chemistry is now collapsing.  The once progress is now backlashing on us.  The more pesticides we spray to wipe out a certain bug creates more work with regard to killing the unintended consequences from taking that bug out of the environment, not to mention all the harm it creates to all other life forms, but especially humans.  This method is healthy for the company’s creating these poisons, but not for the rest of the world.  Chemical companies had extra material and nerve gas at the end of the war.  They were able to turn that into fertilizer and pesticides.  These were never needed.  If we were to have farmed the way our ancestors did the diversity would create symbiosis and healthy plants.  This would have been a much better way to resist the pests, bugs, and weeds.  By putting the crops on the treadmill of chemicals we weaken the system and then they need the chemicals.  The whole foundation of genetically engineered crops is based on continuing the crutch of chemicals.  The poison in the soil is not just damaging the plants, but the entire microbiome that the plants need to be healthy.  If we’re eating unhealthy plants our health decreases.  We have changed the foundational identity of the plant and no it longer provides us medicinal properties.  We are not getting the nutritional value that is required to exist and we wonder why we are in such a diseased state.

Glyphosate was originally developed as a chelating agent.  It binds to all the trace minerals in our food.  It makes the trace minerals not absorbable.  The only one it does combine with to bring into our bloodstream is aluminum.   So glyphosate helps deliver aluminum into our brains.  At this time we have 90% less absorption of our minerals.  Additionally our mitochondria are underperforming, which means our energy levels are low.  Glyphosate damages mitochondria.  Antibiotics damage mitochondria and DNA.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is related to the toxins in our environment.  Our energy powerhouse is dependent on the purity of our environment.  When scientists study the insides of mitochondria they are now finding aluminum in there and there is no need for aluminum in our energy generators.  Our microbiota are being poisoned as well.  We have arrived at this time because our ancestors knew instinctively how to work with the compounds found in plants.  Our agricultural scientists today only understand how to destroy them.  Today a scientist figures out how to genetically manipulate plants to be sweet instead of bitter, but in doing so they have removed any historical legacy of immunological communication between us and the plant world.  If we want to live a healthy 100 years we have to do that in cooperation with the organisms that we share our body with.  If we no longer provide them with the substrates necessary to make them healthy we are going to be sick and indeed we are the sickest generation yet.  Our microbiome is like having staff.  If you do not pay the staff they become unhappy and do not get the job done.

In a nutshell, if we try and protect plants from pests using chemical methods such as pesticides and herbicides and don’t give plants the right soil that allows them to produce their own natural chemical defenses in the way of colors, polyphenols and phytochemicals we lose out on some of the beneficial compounds that these plants used to produce.  These compounds communicate to all of microbiota and our mitochondria to improve our immune function and facilitate health.  These plants are transferring knowledge to us in the way of microbes, plant compounds and micro RNA.  Without this transfer of knowledge from plants about the local environment the epigenetic expression of our microbiota and mitochondria and our DNA will often result imbalanced function given the context of our altered environment.  The way it used to be was from the earth to our kitchen to our table.  We are bypassing many of those arenas.  A new health trend is to get our probiotics from soil-based products.  We can’t put a label on all the benefits we get from all the different microbes in our soil.

The root of successful long-term living is in our soil.  We cannot compensate through medicine for what we have taken out of our soil.  Having a garden should be mandatory and our government recently outlawed it.  In the Western world we are independent and in ancient cultures they were interdependent.  It turns out being interdependent is superior for good health.  Our farming system negates the independent aspect of the biology of our biome.  Our health is dependent upon the health of many other things in our ecosystem.  We need to start acting differently and look outside of our self to improve our health.  Buying most of our food from local farmers is a good way to start.  When we shop in a supermarket we are thinking about the convenience and what’s best for me.  Supporting local farmers is what’s best for our world.  The way we are producing food now on a global scale is completely destructive.  Toxic chemicals are not working.

We are all connected/interdependent we are in this game together.  We might want to stop to consider what is in the things that we are buying in the store.  We need to start thinking about protecting future generations from a technology gone wild.  We still have choices about what we buy.  What is being perpetrated on humanity by greed and corruption in fraud and lies should make us realize that we cannot depend upon our government, we cannot rely on our FDA, EPA, the CDC, but the truth is slowly coming out.  In the meantime people have to take responsibility for their own health and not rely on corrupt organizations and individuals that are leading them down the wrong path.  We have created a mess and this might turn out to be for the good because we now have to break down all barriers, religious, racial and become one in order to survive what we have turned our earth into.  If not we will all cease to exist together.  That is not the kind of togetherness that we want.


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