Which one will make you more demented, drugs or diet?

Which one will make you more demented, drugs or diet?

The headlines all over the news yesterday was that certain drugs will increase your chances of dementia.  I never had any doubt that they would.  But not everyone takes drugs or those specific drugs.  But what everyone did do, was listen to their government  back in the early 60’s.  Our leaders that were bought by companies like Proctor and Gamble told us via the USDA to start eating their products made with trans-fats such as margarine.  We were told it was the only way to avoid a heart attack.  Americans listened well.  They did exactly as they were told.  They quit eating healthy fat and started eating the new poisons marketed to them as healthy.  They ate things like margarine instead of butter.  They ate it for over 50 years and many still are.  At the same time they took their anti fat drugs, also know as anti cholesterol drugs like Statins, which also lowered your fat content.

Sadly for Americans, their brains are made of 75% fat, just like everyone else’s brains.  But our brains because we listened to our never to be questioned scientists, were not getting the fat requirements needed to build a healthy brain.  Is it any wonder why we now have an epidemic of demented older people and learning disabled children?  Sorry, dementia is now being seen in very young adults.  But at least we have healthy hearts?

Not so fast, these drugs have helped to increase the amount of heart attacks.  Statins lower your vital Co Enzyme Q 10 levels and that causes heart attacks, not prevent them.  Well at least our drug companies made a lot of money.  And so did our junk food industry.  Thank god everyone took their baby aspirin or things would have been even worse.  Oh wait, they told us a few months ago that taking baby aspirin was a very bad idea.

Tens of millions of people have been killed with just these few bits of bad advice.  How many people have Chiropractors killed in that time period?  We’re still debating whether that woman in Canada that was obese, diabetic, a smoker, and on birth control pills died of a stroke a month after visiting a chiropractor.

When I was at a very good hospital a few months ago, the doctors their warned me about the dangers of going to a chiropractor.  Well first they wanted to know if I wanted some more heroin.  I said what for.  They said that they could see in my medical records that I had low back pain a year earlier.  I told them it went away after going to a chiropractor.  The two doctors in the room looked like they were going to have a stroke.  According to them, I was lucky to be alive.  The opioid crisis has killed a few hundred thousand people in the last few years.  The number one reason for prescribing an opioid is low back pain.  Apparently, they would rather you die than go to a chiropractor.  I’ve been going to a chiropractor since I was 2 years old.  I probably go once a week for at least 40 years.  Before that I went once a month since I was two years old.  I haven’t died once.



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