Why Chiropractic is useful to prevent Heart Attacks

Holiday season is heart attack season.  December 25th is not only Christmas, but the day with the highest number of heart attacks.

December is considered the most stressful month of the year.  The increased risk of heart attacks stems from the additional pressures associated with holiday season such as financial strain, busy schedules, and an increased consumption of junk food and alcohol.

While we get to go to a lot of parties whether we want to or not, that takes away time from exercise and sleep.   More heart attacks occur on Mondays which also lends some common sense to this phenomenon.  Most heart attacks occur between 4-10 AM when blood platelets are stickier and increased adrenalin can trigger rupture of plaques in coronary arteries.

As most know by now it is called the silent killer because survivors experience the attack as the first sign of coronary artery disease.  There was no pain or symptoms previous to the attack.  High blood pressure is associated with heart attacks and strokes.

Research from 2007 found that a chiropractic adjustment of the upper neck lowered blood pressure greater than the use of two blood pressure lowering medications taken together.  This research was carried out on people that did not complain of neck pain.

Is the tail bone connected to the nose bone?  Who cares, while chiropractors are known for working on bones, we only do that because your central nervous system is greatly affected by adjusting the nerves around those bones and the nervous system controls everything including your stress, which is what started this subject.

Stress kills, and science has proven why Chiropractic can decrease your stress, maybe better than any other method known to medical science.  I have not discovered any research that validates high colonics, physical therapy, and other popular trendy trends that can prove to be more effective than two blood pressure medications combined the way Chiropractic has been proven.  The beauty of chiropractic is that it is not a treatment for high blood pressure; it is a method to increase proper function of the nervous system.  When are you dead?  When you’re brain dead.  Chiropractic improves your brain.  There are studies that prove that too.




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