Why you want good guts.

Why you want good guts.

I think I wrote a 7 part blog on this, but now I’ll give you a few highlights to make your life easier and healthier.  Our gastrointestinal tract is a world unto itself and has a huge impact on our health.  The entire digestive system is actually considered to be outside of our body.  It is a tube that is running through it, but it is walled off from ourselves and everything in it has to be painstakingly out of it so it can get into our cells.

The floral content of the intestine plays a role in obesity, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and even psychiatric disorders.   Fiber favorably affects our microbiome, and influences metabolism.

Mice were placed on four different diets.  The control group was given a standard diet containing 4-6% soy-based fiber. A second group was given a high-fat diet with no fiber. The third group consumed a high-fat diet containing 10% indigestible cellulose fiber. The fourth group was given a high-fat diet containing 10% flaxseed fiber.

Examination of the fecal contents revealed that the high-fat group had fewer bacteria associated with improved metabolic health. The group given the cellulose fiber did a little bit better than the high-fat, no fiber group. The group receiving the flaxseed fiber was more physically active and gained less weight than the other groups. The improvement in metabolic health was attributed to species of bacteria that grew to ferment the flaxseed fiber.

The data suggests that flaxseed fiber supplementation affects host metabolism by increasing energy expenditure and reducing obesity as well as by improving glucose tolerance.  The makeup of the bowel flora is important to human health. Healthy flora produce nutrients, support the health of the gut lining, breakdown toxins and keep pathogens in check.


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