You might want to read this before doing as you are told and ask your doctor for a pill that could kill you.

You might want to read this before doing as you are told and ask your doctor for a pill that could kill you.

Our natural genetic state is designed to express health and vitality.  There is no drug that can solve a problem created by bad eating, bad thinking and a lack of exercise.  There is no excuse for not having knowledge about our health.  It is easily accessible on the internet, but we don’t do anything with it or about it.

For example, they’ll say that 90% of cardiovascular disease is due to lifestyle.  Recently, the American Cancer Society stated that over 60% of cancer is due to lifestyle.  When they started out many years ago, they had found 5% of cancer was related to genes.  This 60% number will eventually have to be adjusted higher, but that could drive them out of business because the purpose of a corporation is to make a profit.  The diabetes epidemic is not a medical problem, it is a lifestyle problem.  A diabetes screening is designed to sell more drugs, not cure diabetes.  The screening is designed to get more business. Type II diabetics can become well if they change the way they eat, but there is no money in that.  We have to admit that drugs and surgery are not the answer to our sickness epidemic.

The people in charge of your health have no training, no knowledge in nutrition and lifestyle.  Their entire curriculum that they are taught makes them obsolete and useless when it comes to wellness and prevention.  They insist that the environment cannot influence the expression of our genes.   They think you have a gene that causes cancer even though that is only about 5% of the cancers.  One horrid example is the BRCA gene.  They think that 35% of the people that have this gene will get cancer which sadly, is what Angelina Jolie bought into when she had a preventive double mastectomy.  What about the 65% of the people that have the BRCA I gene that don’t have the cancer?  What are they doing right is never a question that medicine is going to ask.  65% of the population is not relevant to medicine.

Worse, 35% of the population buys into it and start doing very unhealthy things in an attempt to protect their health as evidenced by the rise in double prophylactic mastectomies.  Or another criminal example is the multibillion dollar Statin industry.  People take it to prevent a heart attack and its side effect is to create heart attacks.  It also creates Alzheimer’s because we need cholesterol to survive.

If we were to take healthy wild animals and place them in captivity and they got sick, the people in charge of your health would never ask what is different between the healthy and sick animals.  Medicine doesn’t assume that there are any healthy human beings, because we are all genetically programmed to get sick.  When doing animal experiments on a type of mice called Voles, they discovered that there are no sick Voles in nature, only in the laboratory.  Once you pull everything out of its natural environment sickness can begin.  BTW, animals can get sick in nature, usually when they are starving, or something has happened to their environment.

We have wild animal genes but we have domesticated ourselves and are living in captivity.  Wild indigenous people get sick quickly when forced to live in industrialized society.  We see this in south pacific island natives that are given our welfare in the form of our free food.  They become diabetic, alcoholic, smoking sick people almost overnight with our generosity.

There is a diet that suits a species.  There is an exercise pattern, a social environment that suits that species.  If you take one of these away or change it significantly, they get sick.  Why are there so many different diets, exercises, self help books, when we are genetically quite similar?

One of the first subconscious programs that are put into our minds when we are children is that you are not in charge of your health.  That is what the doctor is for.  These programs interfere with our ability to heal ourselves.  They never said the doctor had to do anything.  They just said that you had to go.  So many people get better just going to the doctor.

Knowledge is self empowering.  Almost all the knowledge of ourself has been acquired from other people with bad ideas; it is mostly misinformation that is disempowering.  Medicine is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.  300,000 a year die from prescription drugs.  That’s a lot more than illicit drugs.  In this system that we believe in, they think it is no big deal that 300,000 people die from their treatment because they believe that we are programmed genetically to get sick and die.  Maybe the first leading cause of death is suicide by lifestyle.

People take all these drugs because they are raised in this lifestyle.  There is no point in asking your medical doctor.  They are not going to give up their control and they refuse to learn new information.  They are not going to recommend a wellness lifestyle.  At best, they might think you will not die if you go to a chiropractor for a low back pain.  They do not understand that much of the disease today is brain based and that a chiropractor’s treatment directly affects the brain.  We are brain doctors not back doctors and that simple misunderstanding can cost you dearly.



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