Pain Hurts, but Stress Kills, Get Over It

Pain Hurts, but Stress Kills, Get Over It

My last few blogs were related to the common theme that scientists now know that about 90% of doctor visits derive from stress.  Unfortunately, patients receive the wrong treatment at all these office visits in the form of a pharmaceutical sale.  It’s not safe and it does not provide any long term solutions.  To understand what proper reduction and management of stress would be desirable we have to delve into newer research than the 2008 study from NIH that I referenced above.

The most harmful effects of stress occur in the brain.  From there our central nervous system responds and carries electrical and chemical signals throughout the body where it causes the harmful affects that you decide need medical attention.

So let’s see what scientists discovered about the brain in 2017 with a 3 million dollar PET scan.  Positive Emission Tomography is typically used to check for diseases by actually observing function.  Radioactive dye is injected and is absorbed by tissues.  By measuring blood flow to oxygen ratios a lot can be discovered about how you are functioning.  This test is often used to evaluate brain function, which is why I’m referring to it.

This year, in 2017, 21 patients were studied with PET scans to see what happens to them after a chiropractic adjustment.  They discovered that brain function increases and stress levels decreased in all subjects studied.  Considering that our DNA is 98% the same as an earth worms, and that the part of our DNA that makes us human is even more similar, I feel very positive in stating that you too will respond to a chiropractic adjustment the same exact way as the patients in this study.

This is yet another study that proves that regular chiropractic adjustments positively impact our endocrine/hormone systems, emotions, thinking power/problem solving, and memory, and that equates to an overall increase in your health, besides just feeling better.

Chronic stress starts when we are children and begins to manifest as disease and sickness at all ages, not just when you get in your 40’s.  That alone is shocking because the diseases we used to see in 50 year olds, then 40 year olds, then during the Vietnam war we started seeing heart disease in 20 year olds, well now we are seeing adult diseases in children.  We are seeing a lot of it.  A lot of it is defined as epidemic levels.  Asking your doctor for a pill is not going to change years of bad habits, bad eating, and bad thinking.  According to medical science one chiropractic adjustment will immediately begin to change your nervous system for the better.  Go ahead ask your doctor about what I just wrote.  He won’t have a clue.

Speaking about not having a clue, yesterday I got into an argument with a radiologist and I literally had to ask him if he had to go to medical school to be reading MRI’s.  It turns out he was yelling at me because he never heard of the low back muscle that causes most low back pain.  I had him Google it.  Granted, I’ve never seen one radiologist describe the condition of this muscle on any MRI report for a low back, but that muscle was studied in first year anatomy.  My point, the average doctor that you are told to ask for a pill that you saw on television doesn’t really know anything about what it takes to be healthy.  They are trained to combat life threatening disease.  Chiropractors were trained to help you prevent it.

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