How to save $31 billion dollars by balancing.

How to save $31 billion dollars by balancing.

It’s simple, you can do the exercise that I’m attaching to this article.

Falling costs our medical care system $31 billion a year.  I found this out a couple of hours ago.  I knew it was the leading cause of death in people over 60, but I never bothered to calculate how much that equated to in dollars.

I originally made this exercise video because people are often given the wrong advice on how to prevent low back pain or rehabilitate it.  I didn’t at the time realize that 800,000 people a year are hospitalized because of the poor health of their vestibulospinal system. (Balance)  Well it turns out; you can kill two birds with one stone while preventing killing yourself by accident.

Now how much would you pay?  Don’t answer yet.   If you act right now, and do this free exercise, or said another way, doesn’t cost you any money, you’ll also get improved cognitive performance, increased brain volume and reduced stress.  Operators are not standing by.  You’ll have to do this all on your lonesome.  But wait there’s more.

It turns out that people with a bigger audience than me are now saying your body and mind require balance to achieve optimal health.  One out of every 3 Americans over 65 are going to fall.  The aging population is increasing, which means your tax dollars are going to be diverted to a problem that can most definitely be prevented.  This is depressing.  Seriously, when you lose your independence and are committed to a nursing home, you become depressed.  Now you are going to be given antidepressants that can make you dizzy.

You can go that route, but you may want to go to this link instead.   Look for the video titled Simple and Powerful Spine Rehab.  It turns out it’s good for a lot more than that.

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