The Russians are not coming…. to our dinner table.

The Russians are not coming…. to our dinner table.

We’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about the Russians lately.  Well here is a good thing.  They have banned Monsanto and if anyone in Russia tries to use their poison it’s off to a Gulag in Siberia.

Compare that to America where we have a law that protects Monsanto and allows them to continue killing us with their products.  While our leaders sit in Congress pretending to show concern and outrage over possible collusion of talking with Russians, our leaders collude with Monsanto to make us all chronically ill.

At this point there is probably not one kernel of corn that has not been genetically altered by Monsanto.  That altering leads to us having diseases at ages that were never imagined.  I now see patients with problems that I would expect to see in a 50 year old, except they are in their 20’s.

Our DNA has not been altered by life all that much, which means we shouldn’t be as sick as we are since we still have the genetic qualities that make us born healthy, well for the most part, I mean we used to be.  It’s not happening now because our environment, which is comprised of many factors, is so toxic to human life.

Americans have all kinds of preconceptions of Russia, but in general we like to think that we are superior to them and have a better life.  Some people imagine them as very primitive.  Yet, they know that our food system is our own worse enemy.  We can’t even find kids these days healthier enough to serve in the military to fight our enemies. But the world’s enemy Monsanto, is thriving in Washington.  I’d like to see a hearing on that.  In the mean time, it might be time to consider a wellness lifestyle to cut down on the poisons that you might have a little control over.

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