Why you might not be feeling so well lately. Hint: Food Allergies

Why you might not be feeling so well lately.  Hint:  Food Allergies

Food allergies are more prevalent and one reason is because roundup by Monsanto creates the equivalent of little holes in your intestines. Undigested proteins leak out of these holes which triggers our immune system to overreact. That causes allergies, but that is not that big a deal when you consider that the pesticide is linked to autism, cancer, and more serious autoimmune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

What could be bad about a vaccine when the country has to adopt laws to protect the manufactures you may wonder? A vaccine is an injection of a killed microbe that stimulates your immune system to fight that microbe. It causes you to create antibodies to what is in the vaccination injection. Sadly for you, your body is going to react to everything in that injection. Vaccines are made with egg proteins, peanut oil and soy protein. Lately a lot of people seem to be allergic to that stuff. Move along, nothing to see here. Wait, before you do, here is a partial list of some other goodies you get in your injection. Formaldehyde, coal tar, aluminum, mercury, human cells from aborted fetal tissue and the kitchen sink. O.K. I’m not sure about the sink. The manufacturer knows aluminum and mercury are toxic and harmful to humans, but that is how they get the body to increase their levels of antibodies. When they remove mercury they have to add more formaldehyde and aluminum to get the vaccine to work. They can get the immune system stimulated, and then over stimulated which makes them more harmful than helpful.

Less than 10% of unvaccinated children have allergies. 40% of vaccinated kids in America have allergies. 1% of unvaccinated kids had sinusitis. 32% of children in a German study had a bout of sinusitis.

While humans have eaten wheat forever, the first cases of gluten intolerance was described about 50 years ago. In order to feed the world they created mutant wheat with x-rays and gamma rays. Both forms of wheat have gluten, but it is the mutated wheat that people are allergic to. Gluten is linked to depression since it affects tryptophan and serotonin levels. These are our feel good hormones. Being allergic to gluten can create malabsorption syndromes. One affect of that is compromised brain function. Who needs brain function these days anyway? After all, what are smart phones for? Some other affects are bloating and joint pain, two things that probably won’t motivate you to stop eating gluten.

While we’re bloated, let’s think about lactose intolerance. We were once capable of enjoying dairy products. Only 40 million Americans are lactose intolerant so no biggy. That is only 33% of all Americans. 90% of Asian Americans have it. The reason for the increase is milk production has been changed. To get a cow to make more milk they are given an altered version of an amino acid called casein. If you can find a cow that isn’t given the genetically modified version of casein you will most likely not be allergic to milk. If you are allergic to milk you may notice, diarrhea, nausea, cramps, bloating, and gas, all things that you can ask your doctor for a drug to mask the problem. Goat and Sheep milk has not been altered.

Cows are meant to eat grass not grains. The grains are infiltrated with glyphosphate, (roundup) which weakens their immune system. They are then given antibiotics. Milk is also homogenized and pasteurized so it is basically just a hot mess of destruction for the average human.

Just about all corn and soy has been genetically modified. They were modified to grow in difficult conditions. The gene that is inserted into these plants alter it completely. This DNA that has been placed in the corn and soy is now sharing its information with our own biome, our gut bacteria that is necessary for us to be human, and is manufacturing a chemical inside us that its original purpose was to withstand the pesticides being sprayed on these crops. That means very bad for you. If you are a woman it is even extra bad for you since the mutated soy is very high in hormones that mimic estrogen.

Now let’s take a quiz that a cow, pig, geese, raccoons, mice, elk, chicken and buffalo can pass. When offered genetically modified food do you: A. Eat it. B. Reject it. If you answered A, then you are less smart than those animals listed above.

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