But we’re living longer?

But we’re living longer?

People live longer now because they quit smoking. So they get disease like diabetes and Alzheimer’s because normally they would have been dead. You can’t make money on a dead person so am I saying that they finally figured out that not defending Big Tobacco would benefit them more. I don’t know, I could be?

Some of the procedures in hospitals are so profitable that they can’t exist without them. If a better way of healing became acceptable they would have to close the hospitals because they couldn’t afford to keep them open. They couldn’t generate the revenue that pays for the procedures that don’t make much money.

Alternative therapies are not dangerous to the cancer patient; it’s dangerous to the survival of the hospital. Doctors take the hypocratic oath to do no harm and then everything they do for chronic diseases causes harm. A transplant, chemo therapy, etc. are the extreme end of medicine and that is where the money is. Immune modulating drugs for immune diseases create cancer and that is a brilliant strategy for making money. Doctors want to help people, but they have been severely brain washed into accepting that their tool box that they are given by big pharma is working and it is killing. Their tools are very dangerous. They don’t address the root cause. The cause of cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy. The cause of heart disease is not because you are not taking enough statins.

Chronic disease management by medicine is not going to make you any better. Emergency medicine is what the patient expects from 20 years of their neglect and unwillingness to take care of themselves. This is a poor strategy. A doctor is legally responsible to pull you off the edge of the cliff. This is not going to fix the problem. You might want to be interested in how these problems began. What life did you live to cause these problems. Are there reversible causes? Right now our medical system is not selling that idea. People may go to their doctor 10 times looking for a diagnosis. They don’t get one until they are chronically diseased and then it is too late. They had a chance to avoid this fate, but most doctors are not thinking this way. You are given medications for unknown diseases until they develop into something that they can name like Fibromyalgia, which means we don’t know what you have so we’ll call it that until it becomes something worse that we might actually recognize. You didn’t just catch a chronic disease, but they will label you with it because their treatments for it are profitable. You may not want to get married to your disease and attach yourself instead to the idea that you could reverse these problems.

Cookbook medicine with their recipes like chemo and statins is failing its’ mission, which was originally to help people. One day, human friendly medicine may become in style. The premise of what chiropractic is built upon that your body can heal is diametrically opposed to the way a medical doctor is trained. They go in cutting everything out of you because they know better. You really didn’t need that gallbladder. It didn’t really do much. They think that you couldn’t possibly live if they were not constantly interfering with your physiology. Help is not going to be from the next drug commercial.

Life begins for us from the soil. Bacteria in the soil produce the electron transport mechanism necessary for us to keep breathing. In fact, our energy system in each cell, the Mitochondria, the organelle responsible for giving us extra electrons to power us is a bacterium that our human cells incorporated into them. Talk about the circle of life. Well it used to be a circle until Monsanto decided that we don’t need to live. They destroy our biome, the bacteria that makes us human. We are over 100 trillion cells and the communication between all those individual cells is what makes us human. Our toxic environment destroys this communication on many different biochemical levels. The bacteria in our soil that we wind up eating actually communicate with their bacteria cousins, the mitochondria in our cells. That is one reason chronic disease develops and also a good reason to not kill our life giving communication system that is not our nervous system although that final communication comes from that. So when our internal environment is stressed out, you become stressed out because the end result of all this bad communication will be the stress hormone that when it is constantly produced in too high levels, causes disease.

Autism, cancer, diabetes all exponentially rising is not some coincidence that cannot be understood. The breakdown of our food chain may be a myth to medicine, but it is easily understandable to the lowest form of life in the food chain, our biome. They seem to have wisdom not obtainable from 8 years of med school. We are three times removed from the food we eat. I’m talking about the good food for a moment. Our body cannot do anything with vegetables, meat, etc. We have to utilize a complex system of bacteria, protozoans, etc. to break down our food so that we can do something with it. That hamburger you just ate doesn’t go to your foot because of gravity. Each bacterium is a delivery system. It is not good to kill your delivery system. Antibiotics, our farming methods, and food preparation schemes kill our delivery system. We eat a lot, but we are starving. Our farming system is a threat to our national security. All we hear about these days is diversity and our biological diversity has been destroyed. If you think we are on the brink of human extinction you could be thinking correctly. Outsourcing our life creating food supply to the chemical industries was not a good idea. This week the big story was men’s sperm counts across the world are low. When a species loses it’s ability to reproduce, it’s time to think that maybe we are going wrong.

Probiotics are popular these days, but they are not the answer either. Anywhere from 3 to 100 species is nothing compared to what our biome used to be, but if you keep taking only those species found in yogurt everyday and not all the others you are now creating an environment that favors those species and they will crowd out the others that we also need.

Just about everything we have in our lives, from plastic bottles, skin care products, sun screens, food, etc. is toxic and disrupts our endocrine system; one reason why it now can cost a woman a half a million dollars to get pregnant. Our livers cannot keep up with all the toxins we now have and is not able to detoxify it all. We need to reduce our exposure to all this pollution. Add foods that get our livers to detoxify such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc. Water filters are a necessity. Chlorella helps get out toxins. Laundry products with all those fragrances attack our immune system. Going out for a walk in the woods involves you breathing in the microbiome that will go from your nose to your gut and make you healthier. Speaking about breathing, there is only one way to breath that is healthy and that is through your nose. It activates Nitric Oxide pathways which increase vascularity. That lowers blood pressure and it certainly seems to be a nation on high blood pressure meds.

Yes, lots of bad upsetting news in this blog, but I just listed a very few solutions. Plenty of solutions for our many problems, but they all are small steps. The big step would be to convince Congress not to support the big business of the health destroyers.

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