Why modern medical intervention for diabetes makes us sicker.

Why modern medical intervention for diabetes makes us sicker.

Now that everyone with type 2 Diabetes has had access to modern medical intervention we realize that intervention is making them worse.  Even just their eating recommendations of reducing dietary fat and calories are clearly not working.

What is working is not being talked about even when you ask your doctor.  Type 2 diabetes is about 90 to 95% of the disease.  The type 1 version is much worse and lately, we see the treatment for type 2 turning people into type 1 diabetics.  But let’s forget about that.

When you treat a type 2 diabetic with insulin they get worse.  They figured that out in the 50’s and 60’s.  Giving medications and insulin to lower blood glucose does not make people healthier.

Type 1 diabetics have no insulin.  Type 2 diabetics have it, but they are resistant to it.  The insulin is not able to move glucose from the blood into the cells.   Giving more insulin does not get it to work properly.  Making the excess high glucose hide somewhere else is also not a solution and that is how the new medications work to get those lower numbers on your blood work.  If the glucose is sent to the liver, it gets packaged up as fat and sent everywhere in your body.

Excess glucose in your eyes and kidneys damage them, the same for your nerves and heart.  After decades, you can wind up with blindness, on a dialysis machine, with a brutally painful neuropathy, damaged joints and cartilage, and a bad heart.  This degeneration can occur even if you are on medication and you are fooling your body into thinking your glucose is under control.

So what creates insulin resistance?  We have too much glucose.  Using drugs to shove it into a cell that can’t hold anymore is not a good strategy for diabetes.  The cell is so full of glucose that as quick as your doctor shoves it in, the cell is shoving it out.  Sadly, the agencies that deal with diabetes would have you believe you can eat all the sugar you want as long as you take your meds.

Table sugar is comprised of glucose and fructose.  Glucose can be used by the entire body.  Fructose cannot and gets stored in the liver and it becomes fat and degenerates.  We can eat fruit, but not when everything else we eat is loaded with sugar, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup, which no matter how many government experts and doctors tell you it is just sugar it is not.  It is toxic to humans and this is evidenced by just how sick we have become from it.

One way to fix our failing glucose metabolism is to do a low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diet and eating 3 square meals a day instead of 6 or more.   Intermittent fasting for approximately 15 hours at a time helps people burn their own fat for fuel.  Fasting will burn through your glycogen stores in about 24 hours and then you will start burning your fat.  You can’t do it any other way.  Once sugar gets stored as fat, it doesn’t want to go away as most people have observed.

The first place the fat is going to burn off is in your liver and pancreas.  You only have to remove 0.6 grams of fat from the pancreas to get it working better again.  That is very little to burn off to get a new lease on life.

At this point, you are only prepared to know that you need to know more.  There are plenty of books available on the original diet that all other diets are somehow based upon, the Atkins diet.  However, now they call it the Ketogenic diet and it is a little different and more user friendly.    www.gregmalakoff.com

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