To be a chiropractor or to not be a gynecologist, that is not the question. Let’s Change The Conversation.

I wrote all this because for 34 years, beautiful women have asked me at parties to rub their back. For 34 years I thought, maybe I should have become a gynecologist.

The majority of people coming to a chiropractor do not have pinched nerves, however, there is so much more to the story. The spine equals the brain. The brain depends on the spine to exist. You are your brain. If you are thinking spine, you should be thinking brain. For a brain to have its full compliment of power the spine needs to be functioning optimally. Now for my usual sarcasm and nastiness, which is the good stuff.

The newest exciting research in health is figuring out how to send electrical signals to the brain to get healthier. You know, the things that chiropractors have been doing naturally since 1895. However, they want to figure out how to install electrical equipment into you to accomplish this. This new field is called bio electronic medicine. I’m predicting it will never replace chiropractic because it is only utilizing part of the principal for why we get the miraculous results that we do.

An article in the New York, Times May 23, 2014 to be exact asked, can the nervous system be hacked? Glaxo Smith, the drug company is now trying to figure out a way to speak the language of the body, which is to understand the electrical signals. If they figure it out, it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and it will not be as effective as chiropractic, although I’m sure they will be able to fudge some studies that will say it is. But you will be walking around with a computer that is sewn inside of you. This computer will exert influence over the bodies function. Ahhhhh, if I only had a brain.

At least they realize that their drugs are not the answer. Sadly for me, they think the answer is to steal my profession. Don’t worry about me; their idea will not be as effective as chiropractic. But Glaxo Smith is excited because they feel the electrical signals will one day treat arthritis, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, infertility, obesity, and a number of other diseases. One day they are hoping this will come about. I wonder if they know that one day was in 1895 the year that chiropractic came about.

They are in the process of rewriting the textbooks because research has discovered that everything they thought they knew, is wrong, which by coincidence is the name of an audio lecture on nutrition that I gave many years ago on my website.

I just read this again last week. That a missing link has been found between the brain and immune system and that of course had major disease implications. Well that story was on the cover of Newsweek back in 1989 as well. Apparently they didn’t pay attention to the implications the first time around. They might not this time either. Why be a guinea pig in the meantime , the guinea pig that winds up being the one that is in the test group that gets no treatment for a disease that is going to kill them. By the way, before 1989 all scientists and doctors would laugh at you if you said that the immune system was under instruction from the nervous system. Luckily for me that my mom in 1956, didn’t know that the nervous system couldn’t control the immune system and took me to a chiropractor at the age of 2 or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

The Journal of Chemical Neuro-Anatomy had a study that revealed how the medulla of the brain receives significant sensory information from the upper joints in the neck. The medulla is a primitive brain structure that was around long before we could think and it is considered the vital center since it is what keeps our organs functioning while we are sleeping. So someone, someone is defined as a chiropractor influences your vital life component by influencing your upper neck.

But Dr. Malakoff, please don’t adjust my neck some of my poor misinformed patients say to me. That is not me saying that we influence your brain, it is a journal outside of chiropractic stating that chiropractors influence the vital life centers of our brain.

I had a skeptical patient once bring in a neuro-scientist to my office around 1983 pretending to be just his wife. After my explanation she ridiculed me because she as a professor of neuroanatomy and physiology and knew that I was lying because every medical doctor that she taught knew that we could not influence the brain, even though we could. That means most people have suffered needlessly. Now go ask your doctor whether chiropractic is right for you and that will be the first time he’ll say no, don’t buy any of that stuff. He’ll tell you what you need to be healthy is some new Xlantraoftivadosis. Then an attorney will ask you if he can sue on your dead behalf.

This recently in the Journal of Neuro-Physiology; a study revealed that a real chiropractic adjustment measured by brain scans proved that the high velocity low amplitude adjustment, the thing that I do versus a fake adjustment, fired high threshold mechanoreceptors which altered reflex EMG activity and sensory activity to the central nervous system with a single session. That means brains were being significantly changed for the better and it wasn’t just because someone was touching them. A highly skilled adjustment performed by a highly skilled chiropractor was improving their brains measured by expensive equipment.

A 3 million dollar pet scan that utilized special glucose to measure brain metabolism revealed that a chiropractic adjustment lowered stress levels, lowered muscle tone(relaxed you) and lowered sympathetic dominance, which is actual stress. Patients reported a better quality of life. All these side effects were a result of a change in input to the cerebellum, which has a lot of nerves coming into it from spinal joints.

So while some people might think that I regret not becoming a gynecologist, I’m quite content knowing that I have changed people’s lives for my entire professional life. Chiropractors don’t treat bad backs, we treat bad brains and that helps make you good at being healthier.

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