Just exactly what is it that I do? The Buzz phrase these days is WELLNESS.

After 34 years in my profession I’ve sadly discovered that the world does not really know what we do. So I’m going to present myself for now on as a wellness consultant. I do things that improve your health. I also happen to be a chiropractor. If you are breathing and have a spine I can help you. The reason why we consult with people like you is to find the true cause of your problems.

Whatever is wrong with you, chances are something is causing it. For example, if you have migraines, there are many causes and if you don’t find the cause you’ll always have them. If you are overweight it may not be what you’re eating, it could be what is eating you. Right about now, I’m thinking that you are thinking, what is causing your problem.

I’m told that I’m hard to understand, so I’m going to use an analogy.
If medical doctors got results you wouldn’t need me or my analogies. Doctors could be great, but now the majority of them are drug salesman. A doctor thinks that most problems are something that you catch, what you have is some kind of infection.

So, you go to the parking lot and your car will not start. Is it really because you parked next to a Prius? Or worse, a Chevy. Are you going to look around the parking lot for the answer? Contagious disease comes from the outside in. Most of us are sick today because of how we are functioning or more precisely malfunctioning. You know better than your doctor and are going to look under your hood to figure out why your car is not starting. Malfunctioning comes from the inside out. Chiropractors get results that no one else can because we use unique methods, that really shouldn’t be so unique, but most doctors are not going to figure out what is the cause of your problem. They are going to tell you to learn to live with it and give you a drug that will make you not care that you are living with it.

90% of our health problems today are lifestyle diseases. Our bodies are not infected, they are malfunctioning. Being overweight is not contagious. Diabetes, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, migraines, etc. are not something you are going to catch. These things are the result of years of bad choices. That is another subject for another day but, people with all these diseases and health problems are thinking, I don’t have a back problem so I’m not calling a chiropractor. What makes chiropractors unique is that we evaluate and investigate what is causing your problem.

Maybe a little physiology is in order here. Stress creates hormones. We need them to survive the stressful situation. We can’t live with them constantly coursing through our veins. Prolonged stress elevates noradrenalin. That sends blood to your extremities to either punch someone or run from them. Eventually you need to eat and if all your blood is somewhere other than your gut, you could wind up with the digestive disorders that you see so many drug commercials for.

People want to be slimmer but you can’t lose weight when you are stressed because your cortisol levels are high and you can’t break down fat with high cortisol. If your stress glands, the adrenal glands are under stress, you can’t lose weight. If you can’t get rid of your fat, your sugar is going to be high and low throughout the day. That will cause you to feel tired. Starbucks is not the cure. If your adrenal glands are exhausted, you are exhausted. But what else are we seeing these days, infertility. You know a species is dying when they can’t reproduce. When your adrenal glands are stressed, your hormonal balance is affected and you need the right hormones at the right time if you want to have a baby.

I was never intending to mention this because I wasn’t thinking about it to right now, but by some bizarre coincidence the adrenal gland is the only gland to be innervated by nerves, nerves that come from the spine, but don’t go to a chiropractor is what you’ve been told.

We find what other doctors don’t find and we fix it, but there is more to being healthy than just being adjusted by the chiropractor. Most of our diet is processed foods that are without enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. We can’t function without them.

Stay tuned because there is way too much to know in one sitting. In fact, you might want to subscribe because I type fast and some days think faster.

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