Don’t Get Doctored To Death

Although the AMA lost the world’s largest antitrust lawsuit to the chiropractic profession and the chiropractors think that they actually won something, certainly for the consumer they have lost and lost severely. There are more drug commercials on T.V. than ever. Shouldn’t your doctor know what you need? Why do you have to ask him?

Well, I guess in a way the medical profession lost out as well because they are no longer doctors; they are providers, providers of drugs. None of which are good for you, but don’t take my word for it, listen to the disclaimers at the end of the ads. Their product will kill you, yet you ask for it anyway.

Strangely though, many people I speak with sure seem concerned about dying from a chiropractor and that rumor has been proven false. The leading course of death is a poor choice of doctor, which means you went to a doctor that prescribes drugs. Hundreds of thousands of people die a year from this, which is called iatrogenic disease. They give it a Latin name so you won’t know what is killing you. There has been one death associated with a chiropractor in the past 10 years and the coroner was wrong to make that claim. What I’m saying is chiropractic is the safest treatment known to medical science and it is basically statistically meaningless to say that we harm people. You would have a better chance of getting struck by lightning as a terrorist’s bomb went off next to you because a safe fell on his head and the safe fell because an earthquake shook it loose and a tornado carried the safe to where you were.

When I was young you took drugs for maybe a week and that was it. You were done and never took it again. Now, the practice of medicine is about the practice of Wall Street and they can’t make a profit if you get better. Worse, they want every kid on drugs because this way they will have repeat business when they get older. They are being put on psychotropic medication and mostly not by psychiatrists who aren’t all that good for you anyway. A symptom of depression is not a diagnosis, yet you are getting a pill for it. The kind of pill that makes 7 year old kids hang themselves, but who ever said Zoloft was good for adults.

Let’s talk about real evil. All kids in the U.S. have some kind of insurance. So now all kids seem to need some kind of medication. Worse, when they want to make extra money off of your kid, they can simply say he has cancer. The parents have no choice but to give him chemotherapy, even if the second opinion says he does not have cancer. If you don’t believe me Google Parker Jensen Cancer. The drug companies have the state social service divisions working for them. Chemo, it just makes you a little bit sick they say, but 2% of the people that get it immediately die from it. If your doctor is sponsoring a clinical trial he doesn’t mind killing you or your kid at all, because he needs that money the drug companies are paying him to say their crap works.

The next blog will be BACK TO BRAIN. Why you might want to change your mind about going to a back doctor (chiropractor) when your problem is not your back. It is everything else that could go wrong with you. The odds are in your favor that I won’t kill you. I won’t even threaten to kill you.

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