You Can Make Sickness Optional

You Can Make Sickness Optional

What is all this Brouhaha over wellness? It seems people are wondering why if medicine is supposed to make you feel better, that blood work is the standard of care, and surgery is going to make them better, then why are the medications they are taking are not making them feel well, that even though their blood work is normal, they are still sick, they had that surgery, but it failed to make them better.

Patients are struggling with new problems that were once not something you saw in doctor’s offices. Our life style has created Brain Fog, Low Energy, and people that try but can’t lose weight. Chances are, your family doctor might not have mentioned that you could be toxic. Maybe you should find out why you can’t lose weight.

Maybe you should look into the possibility of suffering no more.

Patients want to lose weight. Some are suffering with hair loss. They want to look better. Not have fatigue. Because of our modern life style, many patients are dealing with these problems and are not aware that they are caused by autoimmune and thyroid issues. They never heard of Cellular healing and Detoxification. It’s not really all that new, you just probably never heard of it because it is not on T.V.

You might want to consider that you never had a chance if you did watch a lot of T.V. You were told to not eat cholesterol, but that is the most important fat you need. You can’t lose weight without it because it is a key ingredient for manufacturing hormones. You need healthy fats to reduce cellular inflammation. If your cell is inflamed, not only can you not get the good stuff into it, you can’t get the bad stuff out. You can’t jog it off, that will just create more waste inside the cell if you haven’t addressed the key issues of first removing the toxins in your life, and then reducing cell inflammation by eating what you were told to never eat, fat.

You are only as healthy as your cell. You life span is directly proportional to how well your cells are performing.

If you are not eating sugar a super toxin, you have a better chance of burning fat. Junk food is a main reason why we can no longer burn fat, and that leads to diabetes, which leads to blindness kidney disease and amputations. A diabetes screening is not going to solve any of these problems. They will sell you insulin though and high levels of insulin, is why diabetics die at a younger age.

There are a lot of healthy hacks that you can do to avoid sickness. You will not hear about any of them while watching commercials that ask you to ask your doctor. Chances are, since he was trained to sell drugs, he will not know about these hacks if you ask him. He’ll be quick to put you on a cholesterol lowering pill though.

I’m a wellness consultant that happens to also be a chiropractor. While there are all kinds of things you need to do to help yourself, the one thing you can’t do is adjust your nervous system the way a chiropractor does. Your endocrine system is dependent upon your nervous system working right. For that matter so does your digestive system and all other systems.

Most people do not equate that their health is very dependent upon the healthy functioning of their spine. If the spinal joints do not signal up to your brain correctly, all the systems begin to slowly break down. Many people have broken down so far that they get a back attack. They can take medically prescribed heroin and feel better, but their spine (the spinal cord/brain cord) is still not working right and that is 20% of the central nervous system, and that 20% impacts your entire health.

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