Medical doctors sure did take a beating yesterday over opioid genocide.

Medical doctors sure did take a beating yesterday over opioid genocide.

Once again, the opioid death spiral is in the national headlines.  They seem serious about it this time.  How serious can they be when they still won’t allow the one profession that could have prevented most of this to be a part of the solution?  The politicians are now proposing that we spend billions on treatment programs that typically fail.  I never hear these guys proposing to spend some money on Chiropractic.

Chiropractors treat the cause of pain that is almost always ignored by the medical professional and the pain becomes chronic pain.  That is the kind of pain that is never going to go away.  It is the kind of pain that causes addiction and eventual suicide or just plain death.

O.K. we’re not considered real doctors and luckily for you that means we can’t prescribe drugs.  Certainly though we have seen some patients.  Some people were crazy enough to give it a try after all the fear mongering.  Most of those patients were cured of their pain syndromes before they became chronic.  Some only started after they were severely chronic pain patients and still got better.  How did we ever manage to accomplish that without drugs that will kill them or just ruin their life?

Yes, I’m enjoying my sarcasm, thank you.

I am not going to go into an in-depth discussion of the neurology of pain, but the body does have many natural opioid producing mechanisms for pain control and by some bizarre coincidence, chiropractic treatment stimulates them.  But that is not the real benefit, it’s just kind of a lucky break side effect.  The real benefit is we fix structural problems that are going to create pain producing chemicals.

Those chemicals produce electrical signals that are interpreted by the brain as pain.  Left too long in the neural circuitry they produce chronic pain.  There is no longer any tissue damage, yet it still hurts.  So now we not only want to use the brains wiring to stimulate it’s pain producing opium like substances, we need to reduce the inflammatory response at a cellular level.  Sure you can take an Advil, after all that is what your medical doctor would advise.  I advise that when you live on that stuff, to find a place that will sell you a new liver and kidneys.  I think better advice from me though, would be to consider a chiropractor’s natural approach to remedying the situation.

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