A few random thoughts about Monsanto that might not be so random.

A few random thoughts about Monsanto that might not be so random.

Cancer involves a battle between the immune system and cancer cells.  If our cells are all communicating well, cancer cells should recognize that they’re damaged by our immune response and commit suicide, a process called apoptosis, or programmed cell death.  Below we’ll get to the key to health, communication, but first a word from our sponsor.

People get more than just cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic collapse, cardiovascular disease are just a few nasty ones.   Drugs for these conditions leave the patient toxic.  In your chart the blood sugar comes down, but patients get worse clinically. They suffer with edema, weight gain, fatigue, depression more than they did without the medications and wind up suing the drug company after they are dead, which doesn’t really do them a lot of good.  Note to self, insulin causes disease yet that is the drug given for diabetes.  Patients can get worse despite being fully compliant with their diet and the diet from the American Diabetic Association probably makes them worse.

The process occurring in necrotic tissue of a diabetic ulcer appears under the microscope to be similar to cancer cells.  Instead of looking at all these diseases as separate entities it may be helpful to see them as all having one common denominator a lack of cell-cell communication.

Our bodies are made up of more bacteria than human cells and they have been incorporated by evolution to be an integral part of our health.  Our farming has destroyed the microbes that we need in our soil.  You can eat healthy things like produce, but they do not contain the ingredients that grandma’s generation were afforded.  A plant can’t manufacture it’s essential nutrient needs.  If it is not in the soil, it’s roots can’t pull it up and out of the depleted soil.  Plants lacking in nutrients are attacked by pests.  We get a vicious cycle, sicker plants that require herbicides/pesticides that make them and us sicker.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the majority of weed killers on the market today.  It kills everything it touches, which is why Monsanto and other pesticide producers came up with the idea of creating herbicide-resistant plants through genetic engineering.  Well that is one of the reasons why there are thousands of suicides in poor countries.  Monsanto has bullied them into using a product that is very expensive to use and produces poorer yields making them go from poor to suicide.  Congress passed the Monsanto protection act.  Who is protecting us from them?  We saw how well our EPA protected the people in Flint Michigan.

Glyphosate blocks the shikimate enzyme pathway.  These enzymes are responsible for making some of the most important compounds in food.  Plants can no longer make essential signaling molecules.  About four to six essential amino acids are no longer available.  There are only 26 of these building blocks for all proteins in your body.  That is a considerable percentage of our biology that has been robbed from us, by Monsanto.  Plants can no longer make many alkaloids, which help us fight numerous different diseases.

Monsanto told our government that their glyphosate cannot hurt humans because we do not have the shikimate pathway, but our biome, which is the trillions of bacteria that walk around inside of us do have this enzymatic pathway as well as soil bacteria and plants. Just like we can’t make our own vitamin C, humans cannot make their own alkaloids.  We must get these from plant foods that feed off bacteria in the soil.  Again, we’re eating, but we’re not getting what we need out of the eating process because most of the good stuff has been killed.  Have I mentioned Monsanto lately?

Bacteria, fungi and other microbes work together.  They help keep each other in check.  Antibiotics destroy our necessary bacteria.  Every aspect of the earth is smothered in antibiotics.  We are overprescribed them as well.  7.7 million pounds of antibiotics are prescribed to Americans each year.  30 million pounds per year are used on farm animals.  Worse, farmers use 5 billion pounds of glyphosate per year worldwide.  Its original patent stated it was to kill bacteria in the soil.  So that makes it an herbicide, a pesticide, and antibiotic.  I guess it’s pretty bad when you are told not to go swimming in the ocean because it contains too much antibiotics.

I know this can’t happen to you because you’re a tree hugger.  You could be eating organic food but, if it rained on that crop, you’ve got glyphosate contamination.  Our entire ecosystem is contaminated with it.  Women trying to avoid this contamination have breast milk containing 760 to 1,600 times the amount of glyphosate allowed in European water systems.

Glyphosate destroys the protein system in our guts called tight junctions.  I read the chapter on tight junctions a few dozen times in Histology and still got a D on the test, so to make this as simple as possible, when this happens, the poisons in our body that are supposed to go out of our body wind up back in our blood stream.  Not a good thing if you want to be healthy.

Autism is a side effect of this gut permeability.  13 to 28 years from now, autism will affect 1 in 3 children. At that point, society collapses.  We’re getting chewed at from both ends.  Alzheimer’s is consuming seniors at high rates.  Sarcoma is an aggressive cancer that was typically only seen in adults.  Now we see it in 3-5 year old children.  We have a brain tumor epidemic in children.  Right now 1 in 2 adults also struggle with mental health problems. That ratio was 1 in 100 a hundred years ago.  Disease statistics of today correlate with these cataclysmic changes to our food supply.

Now let’s communicate.  Our cells communicate by a series of reduction-oxidation chemical reactions we learned about in 11th grade chemistry.  I didn’t go to the 11th grade but I had an advanced 9th grade chem and physics class.  These chemical reactions take place in the mitochondria portion of our cells that make our energy.  You require vitamins to make these reactions occur.   Hundreds of Mitochondria are in one cell.  10th grade biology class proposed that these were once bacteria that decided to climb into cells and they’ve been working well together ever since.  If these bacteria/mitochondria get damaged we do too.  Fatigue is a big problem these days, I wonder if poisoning our energy production system could have something to do with it?

We are made of more than just this type of bacteria, which is no longer considered bacteria anyway since they are in our cells.  But in our body, in our gut, are over 40,000 species of human biome bacteria and now would be a good time for you to wonder how all these little critters communicate with each other.  By those chemicals no longer in our soil that Monsanto decided to eliminate.  But we also have a new type of parent that won’t let their kids play in the dirt.  My generation did.  It was a lot cheaper than an X box.  Kidding, we didn’t watch games about catching a ball, we just caught a ball, because we didn’t have those games for another 40 years and it turns out catching a real ball also makes you healthier.  Hold on while I clean that ball off with some antibacterial wipes followed by some antibacterial soap and maybe even some antibacterial sunscreen.

At the beginning of this article, which might be a long time ago for some, cell suicide was mentioned.  How do you get a cancer cell to kill itself?  It occurs with energy, energy that Monsanto robbed from us.  Our cells can not perform all of it’s original reduction oxidation energy producing reactions because they are missing key ingredients that came from the soil that Monsanto destroyed.  With that said, I wouldn’t short their stock and that means they are winning their war on us.




















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