Changing your mind can change your biology. Changing to a wellness lifestyle can create miracles.

Changing your mind can change your biology.  Changing to a wellness lifestyle can create miracles.

Since the 50’s scientists told us that the brain of the cell is the nucleus, the place where the DNA is. Even though studies show that you can remove the entire DNA and the cell will function as usual, medicine wants to believe what we now know is not true. What we know is not true is that we are victims of our genes. That stubbornness and inability to accept what they have discovered has devastating consequences for public health.

It turns out the cell membrane is where all the action is. Membranes work by a system of receptors that are kind of like a switch. There are 100,000 receptors on one cell membrane. One cell can respond to 100,000 pieces of information per second. This means that the cell and we are just a conglomeration of 50 trillion cells, all our cells function as a matter of our environment, not our genes. Genes respond to the environment. Our response to the environment is certain proteins can be made by the genes that were turned on from what they received from the receptor that allowed the outside world to crawl into the inside of the cell.

That means, our behavior is actually what proteins we make. If we have a lot of toxins in our environment the protein synthesized is a cancerous mass. The whole function of the receptor is to give us an awareness of the environment. Perception controls our biology. The dogma from science is we can’t change our genes, our DNA. However, we can change our perception; we don’t need to be victims even though we are taught that from birth. We can control our biology by the way we see the world. Not all of our perceptions are accurate yet our perceptions/beliefs whether true or false control our biology. The brain can’t differentiate what is real or not. If you are watching a movie with violence, your brain’s chemical reaction to it is to release cortisol and that will affect your cells the same way as if you were actually having that violence happen to you. Your beliefs can activate the receptors in your membranes, which will trigger effector proteins to be produced. Preferably you want the good stuff being made.

10% of cancer has a hereditary link. 90% of cancer is due to environmental responses. If we respond to the environment inappropriately we create a cancer. A study demonstrated that 90 days of changing diet and thoughts caused 500 genes to change their function. There are about 20 to 25 thousand protein coding genes on a single human chromosome. By coincidence or not, 90% of doctor visits are due to the result of stress. You can change your genes everyday by just how you respond to the world.

We are not a single human, we are 50 trillion cells communicating together to make us human. If our environment consists of industrialized toxic food our genes will respond unfavorably. Our nervous system perceives the environment that signals our cells. Our perceptions can be wrong. Our mind interprets our perceptions. A change of mind can change your biology. We’ve all heard stories of spontaneous remissions in terminally ill people. Changing your mind tells the brain to change your chemistry. We have a part of our brain, the hypothalamus that takes electrical signals that are our thoughts and converts them into chemicals and hormones. They go into the blood or to the nervous system and these signals control behavior and our genetics.

If it is possible for you to perceive yourself as someone that you love your mind’s chemistry creates Dopamine, Oxycontin, Vasopressin, Growth Hormone. These chemicals come out of the hypothalamus, and they make us thrive. People feel fantastic when they are in love. It is this chemistry that your brain created, not just the chocolate bar you ate. The opposite of love is when you open up your eyes and see something that scares you. I’m not talking about the person you married, but this above chemistry is not released in a state of fear.

In fear you release, Cortisol, Norephnephrine, Cytokines, and Histamine. These are hormones that create actual stress and inflammatory agents. These nasty chemicals make us stop growing; literally, cells in a petri dish full of this stuff don’t grow. It’s safe to say that fear causes stress, which causes illness. This actually is an intelligent response to stress. If you are in stress and afraid something is going to get you, your body prepares you to run in a second. So it creates chemistry that will conserve your energy so that you can get moving away from that proverbial saber tooth tiger.

How exactly do we conserve energy? This chemistry of stress shuts off everything that is not necessary at the time of that confrontation. You don’t need to digest food when running. But if you have constant low grade stress in your life and most likely you do, you are not going to digest your food and that is rather important to being healthy. Worse, you go to the doctor and he gives you a pill to make your tummy feel better, but that pill insures that you will not digest your food and you are going to get sicker, which as you know is good for business. Not your business though.

The function of the mind is to create coherence between beliefs and reality. Your brain will create the chemistry that you believe in. Your liver cell has no idea what is going on in the world; that is the job of your nervous system. One reason not to eat when you are angry is because your liver is going to create a chemistry that will make that Happy Meal from McDonald’s you ate more toxic than it already was. People should lose their appetite when they are angry, but these days, we seem to not have that ability.

The latest evolution of the brain is to have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is most of your brain and therefore is also doing most of the work. These two parts of our brain work very differently. 10% of our brain is the conscious mind and it is responsible for giving us our desires. It fulfills your wishes. The conscious mind tells you what you want. But it is only 10% of the real estate. The subconscious is 90% and it is basically a tape recorder. It can play back your life’s experiences, over and over again, which could be thought of as habits and instincts. Because of this big chunk of gray matter we don’t have to relearn things, like how to walk.

If your conscious mind has a thought, it is not paying attention to something else. We have tens of thousands of thoughts a day. So you are not paying attention, but your subconscious is. Sadly for us, our subconscious mind doesn’t know if it was yesterday or 20 years ago. It just plays back its programming and most of that programming is not yours, it is someone else’s programming. Our conscious wants us to be something, but our programming may be telling us otherwise. Your friends from childhood can see that you are acting like your parents even though you might be shocked to hear that. This can cause a significant amount of dis- congruence and stop us from achieving our goals and being healthy.

We are only controlling our life with our conscious mind 5% of the time. The other 95% of the time our subconscious is at work and it is playing someone else’s plans not our conscious plan, but other people’s behaviors that have sabotaged us up until now. The only way that I know of to change these subconscious bad habits is to write down on paper what you do want as positive affirmations and constantly read it.

What can you physically do about all that stress that is pumping the gas pedal of your sympathetic nervous system that is creating the toxic cortisol that is the cause of almost all disease according to our National Institute of Health? As a wellness coach and diplomate of the Chiropractic Neurology program, I know there are certain spinal segments that when adjusted correctly can immediately change your nervous system into a better state of balance and well being. While most people think Chiropractors are back doctors, the people that realize that we are brain doctors are reaping the real health benefits; benefits that no health insurance benefit company can provide.

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