Are these bad things just confined to behavior? Immune problems are also seen with these mental and behavioral problems. The connection is what started this series, food.  Sugar/carb diets weaken immunity.  That in turn increases the risk for infections.  That can result in becoming more depressed.

The 500-1000 distinct species of bacteria in the human gut, our microbiota help to regulate our immune responses to potentially pathogenic microbes.

The system of medicine in America addresses this problem of weakened immunity by forcing the public to take more problematic vaccines.  This resulted in a plague of autoimmune diseases that keep pediatricians very busy. Vaccines result in more not less need for healthcare. Pediatricians like all doctors don’t mind full waiting rooms. Vaccines produce sicker kids. 43% of American children now have chronic allergic and autoimmune diseases triggered by vaccines.  If you mention this to a so called journalist or health professional chances are you will not do well.

The natural doctors did not do all that much better.  We’ve been tormented with gluten-free diets.  They honed in on a very limited amount of probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus supplements that will push out all the other hundreds of other bacteria.  This creates an imbalance in our microbiota.  Favoring two or seven bacteria out of a thousand does not normalize gut bacteria.

While everyone is demanding Gluten free products, Gluten doesn’t seem to be a factor in mood and brain disorders. Some experts will say that true celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestine, affects a small portion of the population. Celiac’s disease may have originally started from a deficiency of vitamin C, zinc, and the overall lousy American diet, but  since then with the advent of genetically modified foods, the gluten levels in our wheat are so much higher that it would not be such a bad idea to avoid gluten for overall general health purposes.

There is a drug store in our gut.  Prebiotics in the form of fermented foods create a good environment for our good bacteria to grow in.  I always choose Cole Slaw over disease creating French Fries.  Other good prebiotic dishes are, unsweetened pickles, sauerkraut and miso soup.

There are also prebiotic food supplements like apple pectin, betaglucans, and resveratrol that have a much more desirable effect on the entire population of gut bacteria than just a few species of probiotics. Healthy alteration of gut bacteria is a way to not only improve digestion but increase mental acuity and mood.

Many antidepressant prescriptions remain not sold and on the drug stores shelves,yet somehow, the water that we drink is loaded with pharmaceuticals.  So even though you might not have a prescription for drugs, you are taking a lot of them anyway.  To make matters worse, there is no requirement that doctors have to fail with using essential nutrients before prescribing synthetic antidepressants. 

A shortage of folate also known as vitamin B9 from the diet, which is in green leafy vegetables results in high homocysteine levels and mental depression.  A lot of people, especially kids do not like to eat their vegetables. However, kids will often do as they are told and will eat the sugary junk food targeted at them through television commercials that are never ending.   This isn’t just kid stuff though, an estimated 15 to 38% of adults are diagnosed with depressive disorders that are considered caused by a deficiency of folate. If you are vitamin deficient you will respond poorly to antidepressant drug therapy. This means that a significant percentage of antidepressants do not address the cause of the problem and are in correctly prescribed.

Stay Tuned For Part 4

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