Feeling better after going to a chiropractor is all in your head.

Surveys reveal that people would rather have a back problem than brain damage. Wow, that was quite a surprise, not. What might be news to you is that research demonstrates that a back problem is a brain problem. Chiropractic care improves function of both regions.

Millions of people around the world have experienced life and health transforming benefits after visiting a chiropractor. You can improve your sleep, energy, digestion, breathing, reproduction, immunity, heart function, etc. if you choose your doctor wisely. But why?

Research now explains exactly how a chiropractic adjustment authentically achieves significant benefits for people experiencing non-spine related health conditions. In a nutshell, the spine directly impacts brain function. The largest benefit of a chiropractic adjustment happens in the brain. Chiropractic benefits almost every aspect of human performance. Spinal joints that do not function properly always alter brain and autonomic nervous system function.

A proper functioning spine is imperative to a healthy brain. Optimal health is dependent upon a healthy brain and a healthy brain requires a spine that is free of subluxation. That is the term given by chiropractors to describe a spinal joint that is not functioning properly causing nerve signal transmission of information to become distorted on its way to the brain. We don’t have to feel pain to have a subluxation. Only 10% of the brain is mapped for receiving pain signals. The other 90% of nerves going to the brain are mostly from the musculoskeletal system. The largest most powerful nerves in your body are what chiropractors are working with when they adjust your spine. That is why we hear all those stories about improved health, not just a decrease in back pain.

If you look at old medical texts the science of the day had it all wrong. They drew the nervous system as the brain being mapped mostly from nerves coming from our organs. That is simply not true, but what is true is people are in poor health, maybe because their doctor has not read an anatomy book that was written since 1950. I’d say that means, maybe you shouldn’t ask your doctor for a certain drug that has a minute of disclaimers about how it can kill you. Maybe it is not right for you. There is a better way, a different way and it’s called chiropractic.

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