You are getting pounded into obesity and robbed of your health.

You are getting pounded into obesity and robbed of your health.

A short break from GMO’s, but not really all that different in content.

The CDC Director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, received $1 million in funding from Coca-Cola to combat childhood obesity during her six years as commissioner of Georgia’s public health department.  Her Coke-funded anti-obesity campaign focused on exercise.  None of her recommendations included reducing the intake of soda and junk food.  It is known that  exercise cannot counteract the damage of a high-sugar diet.  Coca-Cola funds more than 90 different medical and health organizations, including the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society.  It’s a little ironic since soda is a major contributor to diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

To neutralize the amount of calories from a single McDonald’s Big Mac with large fries and a can of soda, you’d have to exercise for at least 1.5 hours.  That would just be the amount needed to burn off the calories, it doesn’t consider all the damage that those unhealthy calories do to our cells.  Dramatically reducing sugar intake is the major factor for losing weight. This woman in charge of our health said absolutely nothing about this.

According to Coca-Cola, soda is a wonderful rehydration choice before, during and after exercise. Common sense would tell us that you can’t compare clean water to coke, but lots of money can influence our leaders to persuade you to poison yourselves.  The job of junk food companies is to lie about science and fool you into buying their health robbing products.  An investigation found that out of 168 studies funded by the food industry, 156 of them favored the sponsor.

This is one way how they do it.  In 2016, the American Heart Association issued new guidelines which limited daily added sugar intake to 38 grams for men, 25 grams for women and children between ages 2 and 18, and zero grams for kids under 2.  The junk food industry simply refutes it with a bogus study.   They’ll say something like this.  “Guidelines on dietary sugar do not meet criteria for trustworthy recommendations and are based on low-quality evidence.  At present, there seems to be no reliable evidence indicating that any of the recommended daily caloric thresholds for sugar intake are strongly associated with negative health effects. The results from this review should be used to promote improvement in the development of trustworthy guidelines on sugar intake.”

While we have many health organizations that work to reduce the incidence of disease, they are funded by the soda industry which is a main cause of the disease they are supposed to be helping to reduce.  The junk food industry is very successful at stopping all meaningful legislation that would reduce the sale of their product.  Many of our watch dog agencies are eager to compromise public health to satisfy their sponsors.  One example is the Save the Children nonprofit group.  They were against soda until Pepsi gave them 5 million dollars.

We know it causes all kinds of disease that is becoming epidemic and diet soda is not the answer.  The modern fake sugars destroy our immune systems, brains, liver, and I think it would be safe to say it is also not good for you.

Our bodies are approximately 60% water, I suggest drinking some.

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