Another reason for wanting a chiropractic adjustment.

Another reason for wanting a chiropractic adjustment.

Antibiotics provide you with an autoimmune disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and allergies.  Chiropractic came to the world in 1895 although when they dug up the Paris Subway System they discovered cave drawings of cave men walking on each others backs so even back then they knew you needed some help in keeping your back working.  We’ll get to the significance of that later.  In the meantime, it wasn’t until 1987, over a hundred years later that science validated what Chiropractors always knew, that our Central Nervous System controls and coordinates the immune system.  But now 32 years later, we know a lot more about how that happens.

Chiropractors were mocked for believing in innate intelligence.  The intelligence that we all have that was handed down to us through eons of knowledge stored in our DNA that runs our bodies.  Now science is talking about the innate immune response.  Our main immune response is through macrophages, which are large phagocytic cells found in stationary form in the tissues or as a mobile white blood cell, especially at sites of infection. Phagocytic means they engulf and swallow the invaders.  The quality of the innate immune response is controlled by the central nervous system.  The nervous system tells the macrophage what do, who to go get.

One way it does this is through the vagus nerve, which is communicating with it.  The vagus nerve is a very long nerve that goes directly from the brain to the gut and back.  It innervates the gut, but goes back up to the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS)  in the medulla.  The medulla is where the vital centers of our prehistoric brain are located.  If something goes wrong in that part of the brain, chances are you are not going to live to tell about it.  Chiropractors work with the largest most powerful nerves of the body, the 1A’s and 1B’s.

The mechanoreceptors in the spinal joints are in that category of 1A’s.  124 years after chiropractic was discovered, science has figured out that it  is the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius that is  helping to modulate your inborn immune response to disease and it is chiropractors that are helping to supercharge your Nucleus Tractus Solitarius.  But there are other vital centers in our Medulla and chances are really good, I’d say 100% that chiropractors are charging up all those areas.  What that means for you is much better health, not just a back rub to get rid of your aches and pain.  After all, there is more to life and health than not just having a boo boo.

So I just made a lot of very bold statements and now a little dive into the weeds of science to convince you that I’m not just making this stuff up.  Science today proves what chiropractors said 124 years ago.  Keep in mind that when the theory of chiropractic was first proposed in 1895, nerves were not first seen under a microscope until around 1932.  We guessed right, but for the wrong reasons back then, and the political powers that control our health care system have never stopped attacking us over that even though all of their literature validates Chiropractic.  Here we go, let’s have some fun with this.

What do we not want to do?  Get Old.  Aging is now being understood by people researching longevity as essentially a gradual process of glycation of all tissues, including the brain.  Glucose is what ages us.  In case you are pretending not to know what glucose is, it is sugar, the junk food that you crave because food scientists have you addicted to it.  The catalyst for glycation, which is attaching sugar to protein molecules is inflammation.  The chemical compound Prostaglandin E2 is Inflammation. We now know that the inflammatory process when prolonged is what wreaks havoc with our health.  Since I’m a chiropractor let’s discuss one form of it.


Stay tuned for part 2 of many.

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