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You are not paranoid, they are trying to kill you

Our FDA and USDA leaders are designated by the White House to protect the financial interests of the fast food and pharmaceutical industries. Congress is not going to protect the health of Americans. The media receives a significant amount of revenue from big Agra and Pharma and work diligently at keeping us sick. They will attack any physician or group that goes against the party line. And the party line seems to be to insure that we all buy drugs and develop life style diseases. We have laws that will not allow children to go to school unless they are injected with hundreds of neurotoxins.

As I’ve said for 30 years and now is actually an acceptable but little known fact, the number one killer in America is not cancer or heart disease, it is iatrogenic disease. That is Latin for death due to medicine or as I like to say, poor choice of doctor. Said another way, 600,000 to 800,000 Americans die a year due to events such as; adverse drug reactions, medical errors, bedsores, infection, malnutrition, unnecessary procedures, etc. Additionally, 1,000,000 patients are injured in hospitals every year which costs billions more.

36,000 people died in 2009 of prescription drug overdoses. How many people have died from Marijuana? I don’t think anybody. Where does our government put our resources, our money? Why it is putting people in jail for not buying their drugs. People always tell me to keep politics out of it, but politics is what controls us all and we are being sold into surrendering our most important possession; our health.

Pharmaceutical drugs are now found to be polluting our water and food supply. We are brainwashed into thinking that good health can only be accomplished by using more drugs. While screenings sound like a good idea, they are a ruse to promote disease. There is no prevention in our current system even though they may use this buzz word. The word prevention has been rendered absolutely meaningless. While they claim to be preventing disease, they are only detecting it with the goal of selling you a drug that will not cure it. If you detected it early, you have it, if you have it, you can’t prevent it. Maybe you can prevent it from getting bigger by cutting it out, but wouldn’t it be better to never have gotten it in the first place? The goal of Big Pharma is to have every disease and invented disease to have the diabetes cure. That is, not to cure it at all, but to have you buying a drug for the rest of your life.

To add insult to injury we are now presented with the Orwellian Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This is sold as guaranteeing that everyone will have the ability to get health insurance. There is no guarantee that we will be able to afford it although we will all be required to buy it anyway. While the insurance companies will get millions of new customers they will not be required to provide an honest product. The cost of our perverse health care system is bankrupting us. We spent $2.6 trillion for 2011, which means $7,200 per person, compared to $3,200 per person in Switzerland, France, and Germany. What do we get for this money? A very sick country. We’re at the bottom for health on the list of industrialized nations.

And here is the irony. While people say we’re dying because many don’t have access to health care, just as many are dying because they do. There is a different way, there is a better way, it’s called chiropractic.