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Many people have benefited from my video Life Saving Secrets. Watch below to discover what so many others already have.

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Simple and Powerful Spine Rehab

Strengthening Your Core



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Published Articles By Dr. Greg Malakoff

The Not-Too-Hard To Understand Neurology Behind The Health Benefits Of Yoga

The easiest way to understand this difficult subject is to picture our central nervous system as a building with a lot of electrical wires. The wires don’t do a whole lot, but plug in a television, and for some people, their entire world has miraculously changed. Plug-in a washing machine and we have a totally different function. Nothing is happening in the house until the appliances (muscles, organs, glands) are turned on… Read More



What’s New For The Old Prostate!

For all the women about to skip to the next page, not so fast. The probability is high that you know at least, one man. According to the American Cancer Society, of the 400,000 or so men that will undergo surgery for prostate disorders this year, 41,800 men will die. I can hear you thinking, “I don’t even know 41,800 people.” To put this in perspective lets think about Pan Am jet 103 that was blown up over Scotland by terrorists in 1987. The world was in an uproar over the 273 victims. It would take 153 jet crashes, a year, to equal the previously mentioned mortality. Unfortunately, statistics such as these don’t make interesting front page news. Often, neither do alternative solutions to health problems, so lets review exciting therapies that are at the forefront of scientific research… Read More


What You Must Know To Play Better Golf

There are three fundamental causes of golf injuries: poor posture, lack of flexibility and poor swing mechanics. If you’re like most of my patients you’re probably guilty of all three.

Because most golfers can’t swing a golf club from either side, the chances are good that at some point they’re going to experience some form of injury or pain… Read More

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