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Chiropractic and Spinal Misalignment

Chiropractic and Spinal Misalignment

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Hi, Dr. Greg Malakoff here, sharing some life experience hoping that it will make your experience of life a little more hopeful and pleasant. 

For spinal misalignment and the best treatment to align your spine, you could choose a 15 hour surgery to place steel rods in your spine to realign it.  You could do painful exercises and they are painful not because exercise should hurt but because if your spine is misaligned it is not really a good time to decide to start working out.

The best treatment for the spine, the safest treatment for spinal misalignment is chiropractic.  Chiropractors gently adjust spinal bones, which are highly saturated with the most powerful type nerves in your body.  Because these types of nerves supply 90% of all stimuli to your brain, the effect of having your spine properly aligned by a chiropractor is global.  That means, that it is affecting every system in your body not just your back. 

A medical doctor gives you a pill.  You put that pill in your mouth.  It goes into your blood stream and affects an area in your body.  You do not consider the medical doctor to be a mouth doctor even though that is where his treatment goes.  Chiropractors have somehow got pegged, cornered, trapped if you will into being thought of as back doctors.  We use the spine because 20% of your central nervous system is in it and by gently and quickly stretching the spinal joints with a chiropractic adjustment, we are able to affect your entire nervous system which in turn affects all other systems in your body.  That is why it is referred to in textbooks as the Master System.  Maybe that is also why you are not considered dead until your brain has stopped.  That being said, we may have got labeled as back pain doctors because we happen to be the best form of treatment for back pain as determined by insurance companies and they would know since they pay for all kinds of treatments.

Some causes and Consequences of Spinal Misalignment

The biggest cause of spinal misalignments is a mysterious thing called life.  Chances are, if you are living it, living life, you are using your spine and it is being twisted and turned, or just crushed by standing up in earth’s gravitational field. 

I could give you a list of everything that could cause a spinal misalignment but I think you have the picture.  But I don’t think you have the complete picture.  As a kid, you may have enjoyed jumping off of high places, or down to low places (stairs), your parents may have dragged you by your arms because you were not cooperating with their plan of being somewhere on time, you could have rode your bicycle through a fence, (my bad), your teacher could have had you run a backwards race into a cement wall, a perfectly good driver may have thought that it was a good idea to back out of their drive way onto a main road at 40 miles per hour,  o.k. the list is endless.  Fortunately for me, I have had chiropractic adjustments since I was two years old.

What will you feel from all of these surprises that life likes to provide us?  Quite possibly nothing.  The reason for that is our nervous system receives very little information from pain fibers.  Of course you don’t believe that because we do feel the pain of a hammer on our thumb.  But neurologically speaking we are not wired to feel pain and have many circuits in our nervous system to stop pain from reaching that portion of our brain that tells us that some part of our body is hurting.  For example the guy on the golf course is having a great day until about a few seconds before he dies from a heart attack.  As I stated earlier about 90% of the information coming into our nervous system are not pain signals.  They are signals from joints and muscles that actually reduce pain from registering.  That is why just walking is helpful for chronic pain patients. 

Eventually, though and I know this because pain is the great motivator and is what causes most people to call me, and it is pain that makes people aware that something is not going right.  Often by that time, it is late into the process.  People ask me how long is it going to take and of course I have already asked them how long have they had this.  Sometimes it is just a fresh occurrence.  Often it is years of accumulative abuse and it could be effecting many other aspects of your health than just that point that patients love to point to.   Most often it can be managed without drugs or surgery, which is another way of saying chiropractic, can help you.

Some History on Chiropractic Misconceptions

The reason why people suffer needlessly is because they may have heard something disparaging about chiropractic.  Since I started practicing in 1983 I noticed a very strange phenomenon.  People that did not speak English came into my office and because they did not speak English ended up getting well quite quickly because they needed to have their spines aligned by a chiropractor.  But they were never told that Chiropractors were the most dangerous monsters on the planet.  It turns out that the American Medical Association back in the days before they lost the world’s largest antitrust suit in history didn’t’t think of Spanish speaking people as their audience.  They didn’t’t advertise to them.  The Spanish speaking people had no idea that I was planning on killing them at the first opportunity that arose.  So these people got well and all the English speaking people that were able to understand the message from the AMA remained miserable for no sane reason. 

Things have come a long way since the antitrust law suit.  Well actually not when it comes to utilization.  Now every other commercial is for drugs that promise you on their commercial that their product will kill you. 

In 1895 chiropractic was developed.  Nerves were not observed until 1930.  So the early theory of why chiropractic worked so well was wrong even though they guessed right as far as how to get sick people well.  In 1990, also known as the decade of the brain, advanced technology figured out how and why chiropractic gets the amazing results that it does.  It is in the text book used by all neurology programs called The Principles of Neural Science by Kandel, Schwartz, and Jessel.   It is a very big book and I’ve never seen the word chiropractic written anywhere in it.  None the less, it is the greatest advertisement for chiropractic in the world since it explains with the benefit of modern technology why the crazy guys in 1895 guessed right, even if it was not quite technically correct.

Why do I bring all this up?  Humanity is suffering needlessly because you were told that chiropractic is not scientific.  We’re just crazy people that want to crack your back.  Those spinal misalignments don’t mean anything and we are just stealing your money.  This monopoly on health that the AMA once owned was outlawed in 1990, around the same time that the science of the day finally validated chiropractic.  It is now 26 years later and people know nothing about what I just wrote.  They see commercials for drugs that rob you of your health.  Even though we won the world’s largest antitrust suit in history, not a thing has changed.  Your health is still sold to the highest bidder and that means that the news stations that receive most of their revenue from drug companies are going to report health news that is deliberately designed to confuse the consumer.  I hope I was not too confusing.  What I’m saying is, there is a better way, there is a different way and it is called Chiropractic. 

If I was confusing, but you feel that I may be able to change your health situation and you live in the Los Angeles area, feel free to call me at 310-663-9975.