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There is never a charge to speak with the doctor. If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation. If you aren’t sure about the pricing, please call and ask. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  

About Dr. Greg Malakoff

B.S.: State University of N.Y.

Doctorate: New York Chiropractic College

Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurological Board (DACNB)

Quality home care since 1998.

28+ years of clinical experience.



$ 125.00 Typically

All Prices Are Effected by Distance – Please Call for an Exact Quote. I work around Los Angeles so near me is a relative term.

*Insurance is not accepted. A bill can be provided for you to submit to your Insurance Company.

Methods of Payment. Venmo. Paypal. Credit Card. Cash. Checks are not accepted. Payment has to be made at time of service. Certain situations will require payment to be made in advance.



$ 250.00 Typically

All Prices Are Effected by Distance – Please Call for an Exact Quote. I work around Los Angeles so near me is a relative term.

*Insurance is not accepted. A bill can be provided for you to submit to your Insurance Company.

Methods of Payment. Venmo. Paypal. Credit Card. Cash. Checks are not accepted. Payment has to be made at time of service. Certain situations will require payment to be made in advance.

If you decide you want treatment a $125 deposit must be received before I can place you in my schedule.  Most people use either Zelle or Venmo.  Credit Cards and Cash App is also a method utilized.

Please be aware that due to federal regulations regarding patients over 65 and other Medicare eligible patients you will have to sign a form agreeing to not bill medicare.  That means you cannot request a bill for reimbursement.  If you don’t agree to sign that form then I am not allowed to help you.  Additionally, I am not allowed to bill Medicare.

No one can be more near than a chiropractor who comes to your door! Call for a free quote.




This may be the most important page on my website

I call this the very Important information that you should consider before making a decision page.  This insight is extremely valuable and it is 40 years of my wisdom that will benefit you.  My fees are listed below, but I feel strongly that you will be better off reading this first.

Most of us stop at the price when making important choices.  Value is often overlooked. Some people may think that my fees are too high and others too low.  For the value that you get they are definitely too low.

Some of my competitors may be less.  A trip to urgent care or an Emergency room is going to definitely be a lot more and you could wind up waiting a very long time.  What you get for that trip to the E.R.  for a typically very painful condition, that is not serious, that 99% of the time does not require surgery, is some chemicals for a mechanical problem that is not the solution.

What I provide that my less expensive colleagues do not:  40 years of experience that has included working in a hospital and an urgent care center.  I have a degree in neurology, which helps you achieve better results.  I bring more equipment for an in home visit than most chiropractors have in their office.  I use special support belts that are not sold to the public; that often are miraculous.

I started specializing in emergency mobile chiropractic home care a decade ago and I’m the only chiropractor that comes to your home that I know of that is 100% fully dedicated to this specialty at the level of care that I provide.  I’m making house calls only.  That means I can show up at your home when you need me and not make you wait until my office is closed.

For these reasons, when you are in pain, my service is invaluable and I truly believe you are getting a bargain when you call me.  When you are in the kind of pain that motivated you to search for an emergency chiropractor that comes to your home, a routine 10 minute office visit is not going to provide what you were hoping for.  I spend sometimes over an hour with a patient because that is what is often required to get some meaningful results.  Patients appreciate that I don’t make them fill out 20 pages of forms, just one simple page.  I don’t make you take x-rays and treat you a few days later.  Over the decades I heard what patients don’t like about visiting a chiropractor and I have striven to eliminate those objections.

Typically, I’m working on resolving your severe pain within 10 minutes after I’ve entered your home/office.

When you are in the kind of pain that made you search for a mobile chiropractor, you are going to want my experience and the value that it delivers is worth the cost.

Convenience changed dramatically with the advent of Amazon.  For me it has improved my house call concept of chiropractic greatly.  People started to realize that they could even get quality health care delivered as well.  When the brick and mortar world was forced to also deliver their products, I noticed a significant increase in patient calls from people looking for a chiropractor near me, which was the search term they used to get me to deliver to them.  It has brought a great amount of satisfaction to me knowing how happy they were that my way of delivering chiropractic care made their life so much easier.  


My fee varies upon the time of day, the distance and time traveled, and the type of treatments required. Rush hour calls can be more expensive depending upon how long I’m sitting in traffic.  There are basically two types of cases, the patient that just wants a chiropractic adjustment/tune up and the patient that is experiencing significant pain that requires much more focused attention.  For the difficult cases I do not charge extra for the many physiotherapy modalities that I incorporate for the goal of getting you out of pain.  If you are in this category the fee can be a minimum of $250, however, there are many factors that can effect the total fee. Complexity and chronicity of the complaint must be taken into consideration. After speaking with a patient I have found that I have almost always been able to deliver the services at the quoted price and I am proud of that. I have found that some patients do not mention vital information until I arrive. I’m writing all this so that you can have a better idea about what to expect. I don’t like surprises and I’m sure you do not as well.

VERY IMPORTANT:  I’ve discovered that some people think of Chiropractors as massage therapists and that is just not the case.  I do not charge by a 1 hour rate that you might expect from a masseuse.  My fee is a combination of many factors, some were listed above.  I have over 40 years of experience and I do not charge enough for what that cost me.  I consider my fee an incredibly reasonable amount for the level of care that I provide.  Most patients are quite satisfied with the benefits that they receive.

Every once in awhile a patient has the mistaken idea that they are paying by the minute and even though they could feel much better, they are disappointed because I might have been in their house for only 45 minutes.  Or less.  If I get you better quickly my fee is still the same.  If you have a very difficult condition I may have to charge more.  For example if you have had pain for decades, failed surgeries, weight over 300 pounds, are diabetic, have other chronic diseases, taking detrimental medications, etc. it is just not the same as a patient that is in excellent physical condition, could be considered a world class athlete, that just wants a basic chiropractic tune up.  My time driving to you and back is sometimes overlooked.  I am more expensive than most chiropractors in an office and besides my expertise, you are paying for amazing convenience.  Thank you in advance for considering all of these factors.  I’ve had thousands of very satisfied patients and my goal is to make you one of them.  I feel knowing what to expect ahead of time is important to achieving a good experience for the patient.  

If patients are requesting just a basic chiropractic adjustment the fee can be as low as $125. This type of home visit is usually requested by patients that are experienced with chiropractors and know what they want.  They understand that the benefits are huge. They also often want the entire family to receive this type of care. For that reason, I make it more affordable and charge only an additional $50 for each extra family member or friend in the home.


For the experienced Chiropractic patient that understands the benefits of regular chiropractic maintenance type care or as some people refer to them as, “Tune Ups”, this page is for you.  Please note that if you are calling me for the first time because you are in significant pain or discomfort this category is not for you.  The fee for a more complex situation that requires more time is in the Emergency/Urgent category even though you may not visualize it to be a life threatening type of emergency, which of course it is almost never not a life threatening situation.  None the less, it requires more time to treat it effectively.

However, for those that just desire a basic chiropractic adjustment, I have recently decided to include into my practice these types of house calls.  As you can see the website is focused on emergency type work, but I have had many requests for just basic regular in home or office visits.  These visits do not require intensive and time consuming treatments, which allows me to make the fees for this service more affordable.

If you are within an 8 mile radius of where I am, and it is Monday thru Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM the charge can be as low as $125.  Keep in mind Rush Hour Calls, depending on where I am and which way traffic is heaviest can affect the price.  I’m usually in Beverly Hills even though Google Maps shows me in an office in Culver City, but I could be nearer to you because I’m often on the road traveling.  Feel free to call me.  I try to answer my phone personally.  There is no charge to speak with the doctor although I wish I could charge the spammers.

Time of day, traffic patterns and further distances are considered with regard to this special, but since I’ve been doing this for so long now, I can usually stay with the quote I give you over the phone once I obtain all the pertinent information from you.  Things can change so I often give a price range and no patient has complained yet.  I try and be as fair and reasonable as possible.

Sometimes I do not charge extra for longer distances because I may already be in that area working on a patient.  I mention all these possible factors ahead of time so there are no surprises for you.  At least I try to clarify as much as possible up front, but I also ask you to consider all the possibilities of what can happen when I set out to visit you.  No parking can be quite challenging as well as having to climb flights of stairs so I’m sure you understand why I can’t always give an exact price on an in home visit.

Scheduling In Home Chiropractic Appointments

With the advent of Amazon, people have become aware that just about anything can be delivered. If you look at my reviews you’ll notice that I deliver high quality care to my patients. The advantage of scheduling an in home chiropractic appointment is not having to wait in an office reception area. 

You’ll receive better care because I don’t have 6 to 10 other appointments waiting in treatment rooms. Or just one large room. When I schedule a patient you are my only concern.

I’m often surprised after doing this for 10 years that people say to me, I didn’t realize I could get this level of care in my home. Many have told me that they wished they knew about this service sooner.

I was the first mobile chiropractor in the Los Angeles area and over the years the idea has caught on. Many of my colleagues advertise this service, but they don’t actually come to your house, they try and get you to make an appointment at their office.  

Many Chiropractors that do this type of work have set hours. I am totally dedicated to delivering care when you need it, to you at your home or office. Which means I typically get a lot of urgent calls. 

Not all chiropractors were created equal and it takes a lot of experience to perform this type of service well.

Most patients tell me that they felt the difference. I’m sure you will too.


Fees are based upon, time of day, time spent traveling, mileage (10 mile radius from where I am, no additional charge), weekends, holidays, and difficulty of case.

Please do not quote me on these price quotes. Every house call is a different situation.

Fees have fluctuated from $125 to $400 depending upon the situation and services provided.

Once I’m there, it is $50 for additional family members that desire just a basic, uncomplicated chiropractic adjustment.  Complications include
diseases, infirmaries, etc.  This fee is for what I call true wellness care.

Some people contract with me for weekly or monthly visits and I provide a discount for that kind of arrangement.  Family plans are also discounted.

Some patient’s desire wellness coaching/functional wellness care and that is $150 an hour.  Most of that time is spent on nutritional analysis to try and discover the root cause of your condition(s) and counseling to help you overcome them.

Important:  I have had people change their mind after I have driven 45 minutes to their house so a non refundable $100 deposit is expected at the time we agree on an appointment.  Credit cards and pay pal are easy ways to make a deposit over the phone or internet.  This ensures that I will be there.  If for some act of god that I’m not, it is refundable.  Cash discounts are available.

All fees are due at time of service.  Insurance is not accepted, however, a bill can be provided for your insurance carrier for you to try and obtain reimbursement.


Group rates and corporate chiropractor office visits are eligible for discounted prices.