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Chiropractic for Headaches

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Hi, Dr. Greg Malakoff here, sharing some life experience hoping that it will make your experience of life a little more hopeful and pleasant. 

As I’ve said for decades now, if people knew what I knew about Chiropractic there would be a line down the block waiting to get into every Chiropractor’s office in the country.

One reason I can state that with truthful intent and content is because of a horrid condition known as headaches.  If you watch commercials for aspirin, Tylenol and other drugs everyone seems to have one.  If headaches were caused due to a shortage of aspirin then there wouldn’t be any people with headaches because there certainly seems to be enough aspirin to go around.

Headaches can be caused for many reasons.  The worst case scenario you have a brain tumor.  After 34 years in practice, I did have one patient with a brain tumor.  She had it removed and still had headaches, but not as severe.

Something I encounter every day that creates headaches and is at epidemic levels is what chiropractors treat, which is called a subluxation.  That basically means you have spinal segments that are not moving or functioning properly and it is interfering with how well your central nervous system is working. 

Do I need to dig inside your skull to fix this?  No, we simply adjust your spine and in the case of headaches we pay special attention to the spinal segments in your neck and upper back.  This seems to help about 80% of our patients.  Even the ones that have to take very potent drugs for their severe migraines do get relief from chiropractic.

Headaches are caused by nerve signals that cause the blood vessels around and in your brain to enlarge.  The nerves around these blood vessels are very sensitive to the extra pressure being exerted on them.  The nerve centers that control the amount of blood going to your head are located in the neck and upper back.

A chiropractic adjustment to these regions is the most powerful and safest form of treatment known to medical science.

Now that you know this, no need stand in line around my office, feel free to give me a call so you can have a seat.

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