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Chiropractics for Middle back Pain

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Hi, Dr. Greg Malakoff here, sharing some life experience hoping that it will make your experience of life a little more hopeful and pleasant. 

Often people go to a chiropractor for mid back pain and find that the middle of their back still hurts. 

That can often be because even though the middle of your back is hurting you the pain is not coming from there.  It could be coming from spinal segments above or below.  Quite often it is not the vertebrae that are the problem, but the ribs that attach to them.

I have found, as well as many other chiropractors that just treating the area of pain is not always a very wise thing to do.  In the case of middle back pain it is quite often the ribs that need the adjusting.  Sadly, many chiropractors these days don’t know the difference, but the patient will immediately recognize the difference if that is the correct diagnosis.

House Call For Back Pain

Most of my practice is in homes treating emergency cases. If you find your lower back, mid back, or neck is bothering you, I can come out to your home, diagnose and treat you.

Causes of such pain are numerous but typically can be the result of overuse, muscle strain, or physical injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support your spine.  Additional reasons such as poor posture, pressure on the spinal nerves from certain problems, such as a herniated disc all can contribute to the reason why you are searching for a chiropractor that will come to your house or place of business.

So for now try to rest and … and give me a call.   (310) 663-9975.