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Chiropractic for Mid Back and Low Back Pinched Nerves

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Hi, Dr. Greg Malakoff here, sharing some life experience hoping that it will make your experience of life a little more hopeful and pleasant. 

Let’s start from the top and work our way down, the back.  Some people experience excruciating rib pain that may radiate across their chest and be confused for a heart attack.  A pinched nerve in the mid back can cause this.  A mis aligned rib can also create the same pain.  Both situations are easily fixed by a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors have the highest success rate and without a doubt is the safest method for low back pain with mildly pinched nerves.  Keep in mind that just the weight of a nickel on a nerve can create severe pain.  You do not always require surgery to remove that nickel.  It is usually accomplished without anesthesia in a chiropractor’s office.  That meant it is very simple to adjust a patient’s spine, which quite often leads to miraculous results.  Since we do not use anesthesia the price is incredibly low.  Considering that everyone is concerned about health care costs these days, they should be considering chiropractic.

A little side note, my father in the 1950’s thought he was having a heart attack.  He was checked out by a lot of medical doctors and they knew he wasn’t having one, but did not know what was causing the pain.  He went to a chiropractor and one adjustment had the pain gone.  I think that is why he bugged me my whole life to become a chiropractor.  Well that and I had a similar experience as a 2 year old with 106 reoccurring fevers.  The doctors knew that I didn’t have a bacterial infection, but didn’t know what was causing it.  One adjustment and the fever was gone and never came back.  As I grew up I wanted to be a sound engineer for a rock band, not a chiropractor, but my dad finally won out.  Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

What people may find more interesting is that scientists agree that the number one cause of disease is hypoxia.  That is a lack of oxygen.  The number one cause of a lack of oxygen in humans is faulty chest wall mechanics.  You don’t expect the medical journals to say that faulty chest wall mechanics are the things that chiropractors fix every day in their office do you?  Some people come to a chiropractor for excruciating back pain that is caused by a severely herniated disc and we cannot help them.  Yet they leave the office saying they feel a little better overall.  That is because we just fixed the number one cause of all disease in humans, which can’t be refuted since hypoxia is discussed in Guyton’s physiology text book used by all medical schools.  It is not my fault that your doctor didn’t understand that chapter.

A little side note, if you happened to have been crucified on a cross, you would have eventually died from suffocation.  In that position your accessory inspiration breathing muscles can’t operate correctly and you slowly choke to death.  Having faulty chest wall mechanics as the doctors say, or spinal subluxations as the chiropractors say, which also effect rib mechanics is the same thing as being up on that cross, but only less painful.  Your lungs are not receiving their optimal tidal volume and with less oxygen your cell membranes become more fragile and that means a whole bunch of bad things can happen to you and you’ll probably wind up getting the wrong treatment for it, which is my way of saying you are going to get a lot of chemicals that will not solve a physical problem.

Less interesting to me are pinched nerves in your low back.  If they are pinched, which means being compressed from one of many sources such as a disc or arthritis or a tumor which is rare, you are going to most likely experience some kind of undesirable sensation in your leg or legs.

Quite often many decades ago this was treated with surgery and it failed more often than it helped because there are more things than a pinched nerve that can create these kinds of pains. 

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