Chiropractic delivered to your door whenever you need it Delivered to Your Door Chiropractic Care You Need When You Need It Chiropractic delivered to your door whenever you need it I bring more chiropractic equipment than most offices have Everything You Need in an Office is Brought to You I bring more chiropractic equipment than most offices have In home chiropractic doctor visit You Receive the Highest Level of Personal Attention In home chiropractic doctor visit highly skilled in all chiropractic techniques of adjustment Highly Skilled In All Standard Chiropractic Techniques highly skilled in all chiropractic techniques of adjustment physical therapy modalities can be included in with your chiropractic adjustment Physical Therapy Modalities Are Included At No Additional Charge while chiropractic is known for it’s relief of pain, but it’s better for the reduction of stress on your brain Old Fashion Hands On Chiropractic Remains The Most Powerful Form of Treatment while chiropractic is known for it’s relief of pain, but it’s better for the reduction of stress on your brain You Too Will be Happy With Your Decision to Have The Care Delivered Instead of Waiting at a Facility you deserve the best care at your home, why wait at a facility The Best Chiropractic Care Chiropractor Stress Relief

In-Home Chiropractic Care for Back and Neck Pain

There is no charge to speak with Dr. Malakoff. Call (310) 663-9975 for a free phone consultation.

I’m Dr. Greg Malakoff, a chiropractor successfully treating patients for over 30 years.  I have a post graduate degree in Neurology and that gives me the extra skills needed to specialize in home visits.

I have a 5 star rating because I always provide more service and give more of my time than expected.  I stopped practicing in my office because I wanted to be able to spend more time on difficult cases that couldn’t even make it into an office.  If I can’t help you, I can help you pick the right doctor for you. The doctors I utilize are the one’s that I use for my own care.  I consider them to be the best.  I also work with concierge medical doctors that after a telephone consultation can write you a prescription if the situation warrants one.

By making house calls I can practice the way I wanted, which is providing a great experience for my patients.  I can assure you that you will not receive this level of specialized attention at an emergency room, urgent care center, or even most offices.  They can’t because they have too many patients waiting in the other treatment rooms.  I promise you that I am focused 100% on your needs.  Call me, there is never a charge for a phone consult to determine if your situation is one that I feel is appropriate for my methods of treatment.


Phone: 310-663-9975
If inquiring about same day service please call

What My Patients Say

Take a moment to read through some of the testimonials, thank you notes, and stories I’ve received over the years from my patients.

About Dr. Gregory S. Malakoff, Chiropractor

Mobile Chiropractor

I’ve been delivering on-site quality chiropractic care since 1998 and have 28 years of clinical experience helping people get out of pain and well without drugs or surgery.

The Doctor is in!

Concierge On-Site Mobile Chiropractic

The benefits to you are convenience and privacy without having to wait.  My vast experience working across the world provides you with superior treatment.
I have worked in practically every situation imaginable:

  • First chiropractor to be part of a chronic pain clinic in an Israeli hospital;
  • Treated many famous musicians right before they performed;
  • Working on celebrities in their hotel rooms to be pain free prior award show appearances and events;
  • Called to studio lots for emergency chiropractic services;
  • Part of urgent care medical center trauma team;
  • Israeli Ballet performance injury Physician;
  • Treated villagers in remote 3rd world war zones.


I’m quite confident about what I do, which is helping people eliminate their pain. Of course I’m good at preventative care as well, but usually I meet patients because they are in a significant amount of discomfort.

My many years of additional training in a prestigious neurology program, as well as other additional methods taught and utilized in the field, gives me competence to deliver care immediately without having to wait for X-rays.

Because I do not have an office,  you don’t have to wait for me to finish up with my regularly scheduled patients. I bring a comprehensive suite of therapy equipment to your location to handle difficult cases.  I am confident that you will feel the difference.



What my happy patients say

Dr. Greg Malakoff Gave Me My Life Back


…My first experience with Dr. Malakoff was incredible. Where the adjustments from other chiropractors barely produced a single pop in my neck, Greg’s adjustments had my neck going off like a machine gun – and the difference in the way I felt was dramatic, and the results were lasting…

It’s Working


I was injured in an auto accident. I have been seeing Dr. Malakoff since then. I recently had an EMG done because of my injuries. I went for the neurological reading and my doctor said, and I quote, “to continue to see the chiropractor, because whatever he is doing, it’s working”…

The Results Have Been Fantastic


Dr. Malakoff and future patients, After suffering for a number of years with stiff neck problems, back pains and shoulder stiffness, I decided to try chiropractic. In just a short time of treatment the results have been fantastic. Not only have the above problems been relieved, but to my surprise this is the first spring in many years without hayfever, which according to Dr. Malakoff often happens with chiropractic care. Thank you!

More Testimonials

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