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In the 1960’s Americans had one of the highest life expectancy in the world. 2019 we’re ranked at the bottom of developed nations.  Stress kills and so do the things we do to alleviate stress, such as opioids.  The opioid epidemic is killing more of us than the A.I.D.S. epidemic.    I’m watching CNN’s Dr. Gupta’s One Nation Under Stress and I’m going to predict that from the beginning to the end, they’re never going to mention chiropractic once.  Even though the number one reason for an opioid prescription is low back pain the medical community refuses to refer these patients to a chiropractor.  But this show is more about stress and I’m sure they are not going to mention that a chiropractic adjustment can instantly lower the stress hormone cortisol by 30 units.  Well, I’m going to keep typing comments as I watch the show.  Lucky you, get to see how my mind interprets what they’re showing in live time.

Sanjay is legitimately concerned with the epidemic of white middle class workers killing themselves.  I’m surprised he was even allowed to say such a thing in this politically correct world?  One doctor said that they were very good at understanding disease and not very good at figuring out health.  I’m kind of happy he said that because 40 years ago when I entered Chiropractic school I would say if you want to be sick, see a doctor, if you want to be healthy see a chiropractor.  Sanjay hasn’t said anything like that yet, but he’s asking questions that I predict will continue to perplex him by the end of the show.  I have to admit, I really like this guy, but I still suspect that at the end of his long journey, he’ll be no closer to the chiropractic philosophy of health.

Cirrhosis, drug overdose, and suicide are called deaths of despair.  These are the symptoms of an underlying problem as opposed to the problem itself.  The problem is that our society has more stress and pressure.  We have become robotized and depersonalized with the breakup of family not helping.  The prescription for all this is easy if you are a doctor, you prescribe drugs to alleviate the suffering.  America is 4.7% of the world’s population and we take about 80% of the narcotics.

Being out of control and not having certainty is stressful.  Animals when being chased by predators are out of control for a few minutes.  They are stressed, which means that all systems in their body shut down, except for the ones that will help them to escape being some other animals dinner.  Blood rushes through the heart to leg muscles to help them run faster.  They are not busy digesting a cheeseburger.  This stress will last for a few minutes and then if they escape, they go back to chilling.  They don’t get ulcers thinking about their taxes.  We need stress to survive.  When we have it 24/7 it kills us.  Heart disease was discovered in 18 year old soldiers in Vietnam.  The continue pounding of blood against arterial walls will create damage to the walls and then plaquing will form to strengthen them back up.  That is heart disease.  Even soldiers get some time off from war to recover.  When you work for a boss that can take away your job at any moment, and then go home and see that everyone hates you on Twitter and Facebook, well the stress never ends.  That means that you are not digesting your food very well for starters.  Undigested food causes autoimmune disease and that is really stressful to deal with.  It also causes allergies and inflammation, which is painful, which may lead to an opioid prescription.   Then your entire family is under stress watching you slowly become a vegetable.  None of this is good of course, except if you are a drug company selling the opioids.  Can I mention that much of the fentanyl that is killing us is coming from south of our border? Right now Sanjay is talking about how everyone lost their jobs, which led to the high rates of suicides.  America didn’t just magically lose all their jobs.  Political decisions were made that created the failures.  Big corporations have been often caught plotting our deaths.  Merck got caught planning the murder of 60,000 people with their drug Vioxx and basically paid a small fine.  I don’t know about you, but that could make my blood pressure go up.  Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

At this point, watching the interviews of so many people suffering economically in America is one of the saddest things I’ve seen.  It’s from CNN so of course they are slanting it to make Trump look bad, but it is bad enough, it doesn’t need any slanting.  Which now makes me wonder if what I’m watching is as objective as I thought it was going to be and I expressed doubts about that in the first paragraph.  Rut Roh, I wonder if Sanjay realizes that one of the neuroscientists he interviewed stated that people’s stress levels go up with higher taxation?

About 45 minutes in now and Sanjay wants to know how you can fix the actual damage to our brain cells that stress causes.  Cut to a meditation class.  There are about 60,000 chiropractors in the U.S. teaching people weekly about how what they do to the spine affects the brain and one consequence is less stress, but so far it appears that Sanjay is not aware that there are any chiropractors on the planet.  However, he did manage to put in clips from CNN showing White Nationalists complaining about Muslim immigrants.  A moment before I was looking at PET scans of brain function.    For the past 10 minutes its been about social inequality even though they admit that America’s top 10 % also have health problems.  Now they are talking about how loneliness can kill you and I’ll blame that on Gloria Allred.  Even more ironically they are now discussing Roseto, a small town of Italian immigrants that have very strong bonds with each other in their community and how that makes them healthy and have less heart attacks than most other places.  Yet our government doesn’t believe in family, it believes in more government?  The opposite of stress is social support and cohesion.  They are not talking about the attack on men and families that has become popular in our culture.  Even though the crime rate in inner cities where kids grow up without a father increases and is now a proven correlation, our left leaning political leaders who claim that they own the compassion of the world, don’t seem very inclined to fix their philosophy that promotes more of these problems.

Part 2

They attribute Hispanics living longer than whites or blacks to this Roseto affect, of having strong family bonds.  They call it the Hispanic paradox, they eat the things we’re told not to and yet they are healthier.  As the Italians in Roseto became more Americanized, their health advantages disappeared.

They keep using baboon populations as a model to predict humanities future.  There are cave drawings discovered while digging up the Paris subway system of Cave Men walking on each other’s backs.  I’m positive that Cave Men are higher on the evolutionary tree than baboons.  Since no one asked why the cave men were doing that, I’ll answer the unasked question.  Even cave men knew that you could not repair the faulty spinal reflexes by yourself.  You needed help.  Sanjay seems to be saying that everyone on earth needs to help everyone based upon the Italians in Roseto.  But they had that strong bond for each other because they were a small community, not a global initiative.   Yes I am saying that the level of stress and heart attacks has gone up with the advent of the U.N. and globalization.  It’s not the only cause, but according to what I just watched it would make sense to realize that our primitive stress reflexes are going to get triggered when invaders take our resources, just like the baboons.  More stressful is having bureaucrats that are far removed from us, making decisions that will affect how we live.  Hence Brexit.

You can call it social Darwinism, that nature does not want us around once our utility is used up.  We are hard wired to protect ourselves and what is ours.  The world we now live in, one without borders, traditional families, and just plain over population is extremely stressful and the stress hormone cortisol destroys the part of our brain for empathy.  So while we are being forced to take care of the entire world that wants to sneak in here, that stress is causing our brains to have less empathy for their plight.  I didn’t think I would make this about politics when I started, but the authors of the film did.  While globalization is being rammed down our throats, we’re discovering from scientists much smarter than us, that this can be stressful, which is harmful.  But if you complain about your incredibly rising death rate, you will be ostracized as a nationalist, which can also be very stressful.  Hillary said it takes a village and what makes up a village is a family.  Today, the government is that village and family and their policies help destroy the family.  Then they do a study to find out what is going on and pretend to be completely dumbfounded that their policies have created most of the problems they are scratching their heads about.   

It took 3 days before I could return, but Sanjay is still upset with the social Darwinism theory that seems to be his purpose for investigating the opioid crisis that is killing so many.  His solution is that we all must care about each other.  The idea that sending someone to a chiropractor so that they do not become addicted to opioids has not reached his consciousness yet at 59 minutes into this 70 minute show.  Right now they are showing how Apes share food and that we are not as good as the apes and that we have to learn to not be aggressive and more caring.  Well, the main topic of the show was stress and being more caring for the people we deal with would make things less stressful.  However, I’m going to insist that if anyone of us had to care for the entire planet, or at least a few thousand people that were in our living room, living would be quite stressful and a normal healthy person would say, hey get out of my house.  Well maybe not if they were stoned out on opioids?  Now he is showing students upset about guns.  Guns stress them out.  I wonder if watching home invaders kill your family as you watch helplessly because you don’t have a gun could cause stress?  A little more sarcasm is well deserved here since he is making this into an incredible propaganda piece instead of a scientific inquiry about stress.  Ironically he is showing the stress of teenagers to be worse than any time in history as they are all sitting around eating french fries and drinking coke, two poisonous chemicals that will attack the endocrine system and create real stress.  I did like what one teenage girl said about harassment on social media and how you can make someone feel really bad about themselves without ever having to come face to face with them.  Social Media is 50 50 on bringing us all together.  It brings the same minded people together though.  Sanjay is saying that social media puts a constant level of stress on young people.  My wife is a psychologist.  She would say deal with it.  I’ve felt my blood pressure rise often when I read something from a stranger that was attacking me.  I’ve learn to have fun with it now.  So this number one stress for young people that Sanjay is pointing out can be easily eliminated.

Wow, there is a clip of Sanjay talking about how the life expectancy for Americans has dropped for 3 years in a row.  He is on CNN being interviewed by a woman.  Behind Sanjay for some unexplained reason is a bottom half of a spine rotating in circles.  I wonder if he is going to mention the benefits of chiropractic now?  Just kidding, of course he is not.  He went back to his mentor, a famous pathologist that is now blaming this on guns.  Now he is talking about social justice in medicine.  I imagine he is thinking that people are stressed out because they don’t have access to a health care system that is the third leading cause of death in America?  Well he did mention bad food as part of the problem, along with opioids, and gun laws.  Finally he said something I totally agree with, that we should stop doing the things that create disease as he put a lock on his locker at the hospital.  He has been preaching that we must love each other, take care of them, not care about material things, yet he doesn’t trust his fellow doctors to not steal his stuff.



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