You are not paranoid, they are trying to kill you.

Our FDA and USDA leaders are designated by the White House to protect the financial interests of the fast food and pharmaceutical industries. Congress is not going to protect the health of Americans. The media receives a significant amount of revenue from big Agra and Pharma and work diligently at keeping us sick. They will attack any physician or group that goes against the party line. And the party line seems to be to insure that we all buy drugs and develop life style diseases. We have laws that will not allow children to go to school unless they are injected with hundreds of neurotoxins… Read More

Everything I learned in Chiropractic school was wrong, except for the big idea, which science has now proven to be more right than ever.

Watch and learn as I go over some very mind boggling studies that were so tedious that I had to drink 8 cups of coffee in order to pay attention to professor Slossberg reviewing them. Fortunately for you, I’ll make it a little more fun and more importantly, extremely worth your while. Most doctors find this material incredibly difficult and thus their poor results, and this is why I’m trying to write this in a user-friendly manner because you really can’t count on your family doctor to give you the right advice with regard to spinal pain. If you find you are not getting it, just keep going because I’m going to say it in a simpler way by the end of the paragraph or that specific topic. If you somehow are able to manage to continue reading past this you will find that it keeps getting more interesting throughout and there are some unexpected great gems with regard to living longer not just preventing back pain… Read More

A less expensive alternative to In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro Fertilization costs about twenty thousand dollars a session. It is only 10% effective. A patient can typically require four to five sessions, which can exceed $100,000 in costs. A major reason for this expense is because women are more stressed than ever, which is a leading cause of infertility. They are starting a family later, typically at 37 years of age and higher. They are experiencing a lot of pressure from work and family members. Read More


Chronic Pain

As a chiropractor with a post graduate degree in neurology I couldn’t wait to read the March 7, 2011 Time magazine. On the cover was a large headline, “Understanding pain.” I had suspected that the three in-depth articles they wrote on the topic would not mention the word chiropractic and I was dying to know if I would be right. They did a great job discussing massage, yoga, acupuncture, herbal supplements, and bio-field therapies, but of course nothing about chiropractic. Read More


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