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Gregory S. Malakoff, D.C. Fees

While it is impossible to put a price tag on good health, I want you to know that my reasonable fees do not reflect the quality of care that you will receive. I promise that you’ll get much more than what money can buy. I say this because; I feel I would not have made it past my 2nd birthday if not for chiropractic care. You can read the whole story by clicking here.
If my parents had a million dollars I still would have not lived through the medically unexplained 106 reoccurring fevers. The medical doctors had given up and told my mother I was going to die. Some people have asked me, what is chiropractic worth? I reply, a million dollars, which never really goes over well. Below is what people want to know before calling me.

Payment Guidelines

Payment is always expected at time of service. Insurance is generally not accepted, however, a professional fee slip is provided for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I make no guarantees with regard to what your insurance will cover and except no responsibility for their actions. At my office locations, insurance acceptance may be more flexible.

First Nutritional Evaluation

There are two ways that I perform nutritional evaluations: Often I find that the simple secondary survey form along with a thorough clinical exam will provide me with enough information to start making significant clinical improvements. With this method we can get started right away. Blood work is not always necessary and often it tells me what I already know.

However, some patients are so compromised that a complete blood, urine, and hair analysis are utilized to produce a comprehensive study of your health based on the science of today and not wishful guessing. A comprehensive panel of over 100 tests is sometimes necessary in order to obtain a correct understanding of how well you are functioning and to create a treatment plan that will enable your body a better chance at obtaining health. Lab Corp is the laboratory that I use and a prescription will be provided at time of payment. You will not receive a bill from Lab Corp because it is included in the price of my evaluation. The Fee for blood work can vary depending upon what tests are ordered.

Although all kinds of conditions have responded to both of these methods (secondary symptom questionnaire or blood work), it is important to understand that I do not treat any specific disease. Nor do I give a vitamin for a certain problem. That would be similar to the practice of medicine. The human body is the world’s most complex machine and it needs to be treated as a whole entity and not just a symptom you would like to get rid of, which is how so many new, more severe problems develop.

If blood work is required I want you to know that this is not routine blood testing, which often is incomplete and not always helpful. This service is $550 and includes a follow-up Nutritional Consultation to get you started.

The document labeled primary patient symptom survey form is the one you must fill out for the blood work. The secondary patient symptom survey form is the information I require to perform the non-blood work analysis.

If blood work is utilized then there is a two month follow up nutritional consultation, which includes complete retesting to determine your progress and how to further proceed. This visit is $400. A re-evaluation is performed as well with the questionnaire technique. This follow up visit is $75.

These fees do not include nutritional supplements that will be recommended. This program’s success is greatly dependent upon your ability to make dietary changes. If you do not feel you can change your diet, then you should not begin this undertaking. Supplementation alone often falls short.