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Life Style/ Health Coaching

I can help you resolve your challenges and live life at a higher level. Sometimes new concepts and skills are necessary to achieve better health. I’ve found that when people leave my office, the rest of their day is filled with activities that undo what I’m attempting to accomplish. To make matters worse, the commercials we see have given us a crazy belief system. It is not possible to be healthy by asking your doctor for every toxic drug you are told to ask about on television. Sometimes all that is stopping you from reaching a better level of health is not having that extra support of a coach.

Being in practice for as long as I have, I realize that not everyone finds living a healthy life style easy. Since I’ve been performing mostly on-site/mobile care, and not being in my office as much as I use to be, I now have the time to provide Lifestyle Coaching to help you reach reasonable fitness, health and life goals. I specialize in weight loss, healthy eating, exercise/strengthening, energy enhancement and general well being.

As I often state, most people are in a doctor’s waiting room simply because they don’t know they are malnourished. If you are overweight, then you certainly are malnourished. One reason why people can’t lose weight and keep it off is because toxins are stored in our fat. It’s necessary to first detoxify, which creates weight loss, before just trying any of hundreds of diets. The program I use often requires additional coaching support to acquire suitable results and this is why I’ve decided to make myself available.