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Rethinking when to go to the Emergency Room for Back Pain

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I’m sharing some life experience hoping that it will make your experience of life a little more hopeful and pleasant.

Most people don’t think about a chiropractor when thinking about an emergency.  I don’t blame you.  If I ended up going through the windshield of a car I certainly wouldn’t be thinking of going to me especially since some of me might be on the road.

But for low back pain that is so severe that I refer to it as a “Back Attack”, you might want to change your opinion on chiropractic and an emergency.

You could go to an emergency room, but they don’t see you as an emergency like you are feeling at that moment.  It is as painful as a heart attack, but it is not serious to them as in it is more likely than not, life threatening.  That means you are probably going to sit there for a very long time and spend a lot of it trying not to get sneezed on by some people that may not have bathed for quite awhile.  Yes I am saying that going to the E.R. is not a pleasant experience.

However, it is about to get worse.  You finally get to be seen. But by who?  A nurse practitioner?  A physician’s assistant?  Maybe you will get a doctor.  But perhaps that doctor’s specialty is ears, nose, and throat.   Whoever you wind up with could more likely than not, know almost as little about back pain as you do, except you actually understand it better at the moment because you are in its brutal grip.  Maybe you will be given an anti-inflammatory medication that could actually be of some benefit.  Or given Tylenol which is usually of no benefit and you could have just walked to your medicine cabinet for that as well as the anti inflammatory.

If you are screaming at the top of your lungs you may receive Tylenol with a little bit of narcotic that could be big enough to destroy your life.  You may have heard about the medical induced opioid epidemic.  The number one reason for a prescription of opioids is low back pain.  Medical doctors prescribe it because they are convinced that nothing else works.  More likely than not, they have never referred a patient to a chiropractor.  On the other hand some of my patients are so bad that I do have to refer them for strong medicines or even surgery.  In decades of practice, I’ve sent 4 or 5 patients for surgery.  The odds are very low you need it.

Your average face to face time with the doctor could be less than 5 minutes although your time there could be 8 hours.  Your bill most likely willl be over a thousand dollars.

There is a better way, a different way and it is called Chiropractic.  In a situation described above, you may not even be able to get out of bed and that is why I come to where you are suffering.  I’m positive your experience with me will be a lot better than the additional suffering you can plan on experiencing at the E.R.    Statistically, the chances that your acute severe back or neck pain requires an emergency room are low.  However, as I said above, there have been a few patients that I had to send there because they did have a serious condition or their pain just did not significantly respond to chiropractic methods.  Most back pain does respond amazingly well versus the alternative’s statistical results.  Ironically, the patients that are in need of medical attention usually don’t want to have it.

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