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Some bits and pieces and a few coherent thoughts on Nutrition.

Healthy Food

It’s very difficult to get someone to understand something whose salary depends upon them not understanding that particular something.  Since doctors do not make a lot of money teaching you how to avoid them, allow me.  I do it to honor my oath as a Chiropractor.

It used to be we are what we eat.  We now need to consider that we are what the thing we are eating ate.  Eating the right thing is not as good as not eating the wrong thing.  Due to our modern system of agriculture, a cow is no longer a cow.  A chicken that is fed corn is not healthy.

If you think you have that beat because you are a vegetarian, we were not designed to eat certain plant foods.  Plants have a very good defense mechanism against being eaten.  Proteins called lectins are designed to make predators very sick if they eat them.  Do not eat lectins.  They are very bad for you.  One reason why all cultures soak their beans in water for a day before eating them.

Our food chain has changed drastically and that has affected our composition.  70% of all the carbon in Americans is derived from the carbon in corn.  Europeans are only 5%.  None of us ate corn until about 500 years ago.  Worse, our corn is almost all GMO corn, which means it has been genetically modified to resist a deadly poison that makes little pests that like to eat corn in the field, stomach’s explode.  We do see a lot of Prilosec being sold these days.  GMO is very bad for our health and the experts reason that it is not because we do not have an enzyme system that it kills in the pests.  But the bacteria in our gut do have that enzyme system and we are only as healthy as the bacteria in our guts.

Most grains have lectins.  Cashews and Peanuts are not nuts they are legumes and like beans, they contain lectins.  Gluten is a lectin.   You may be eating dairy free, but brown rice has lectins.  The night shade family, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants,  potatoes, golgi berries have lectins.  Somewhere in following episodes of this blog subject, I’ll provide about 5 nutrients that can block lectins from doing all their harm.

80% of southern Californians have a low vitamin D level even with being in the Sun all the time.  Vitamin D toxicity is practically a myth.  Autoimmune disease patients have a low vitamin D level.  So do cancer patients.  It is essential to make stem cells to repair our gut.  Leaky gut is a very common problem that leads to autoimmune disease.  I take about 10,000 units a day.  Doctors recommend 2,000.  One reason why everyone is sick is because if your doctor tells you to take vitamin D3, he’ll ensure that you take so little that it will have no therapeutic effect.  I take K2 to absorb the D3.  It’s very important and most people are only taking a minute dose of D3.

Long chain omega 3 fatty acids are vital for good health.  People with the most omega 3’s have the best functioning brains.  Fish is indeed brain food.  Our brains are about 70% fat.  Half of the fat in the brain is DHA.  Take 1000 mg/dy.  One of the many things our way of living provides us is an Alzheimer’s epidemic.  We’ve been told to take drugs that are designed to destroy our brain.  Yes I’m talking about statins.  We need cholesterol.  There is a correlative rise in Alzheimer’s with the rise in this drug.  Well that and being told since 1960 to not eat the good fats that are essential to our existence.  We were instructed by our government to replace those vital life saving fats, with life destroying trans fats like margarine.  We all love French Fries, but they rob you of your health on many levels.

About 50% of people carry one or two mutations of the MTHFR gene.  That means we could use some more vital B12.  Once you develop a B12 deficiency it is irrepairable, you will suffer with crippling nerve pain for the rest of your life.  I don’t see many people too concerned with that and they are low in B12.   We do not make the proper form of methyl B-12 and methyl folate because of enzyme deficiencies.  We need a methyl sublingual form supplement.  We lack intrinsic factor made by our parietal cells in our stomachs and that is what allows us to utilize B12.  I found the quality supplement of B 12 that goes under your tongue to be much more effective than a B 12 shot.

We are also deficient in polyphenols, plant compounds that improve the flexibility of our blood vessels.  Polyphenols make our blood vessels dilate.  We are young only as much as our blood vessels are flexible.   These compounds make the inside wall of our blood vessels slippery.  It makes them resistant to oxidation which is cardiovascular disease.  One good source of real Vitamin C is the white fibers in an orange.  The juice is mostly sugar.  The magic is in those white fibers.

Mushrooms contain longevity compounds but different from the ones in red wine.  Certain bacteria promote longevity.  Our modern diet can’t duplicate what our ancestors ate a thousand years ago.

Epigenetics explains why our genes have very little to do with our fate.  6% of our fate to be more precise.  94% of our fate is determined by our epigenetics, how we play our hand.  Hand means eating well and not doing stupid things like smoking.  Our microbiome is very important.  This is good to know because if your mom or dad had something it doesn’t mean you are going to get it or catch it.



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