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The 5 Things you may not have thought about with regards to this famous equation.

The Number 5

We’ve all seen E = mc2 and for many, probably immediately knew that they did not want to study Einsteinium physics.  So we won’t do that here.  I’d like to discuss what it has to do with your health.

1.  Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.  Let’s just remove the speed of light from the equation.  We’re left with energy equals mass.  Mass is matter.  Humans are matter, molecules and smaller yet, atoms.  We don’t need to go into all those smaller sub atomic particles of recent discovery.

So what that is saying is that while we usually only think of ourselves as globs of matter/mass we also have an energy component since they are equal.  Religious people may call that energy spirit.  I have no problem with that term since I can’t think of a better one.  Our thoughts are energy.

2.  The part of our brain that turns our thoughts into chemicals is the hypothalamus.  We’ve all heard that stress kills and we know why from a chemical point of view.  Bad thoughts will create cortisol, which if it sticks around all day is not going to save your life, it will end it early. A stressful event in the old days was a saber tooth tiger coming at you for his afternoon snack.  The event occurred over a period of a few seconds.  He either satisfied his hunger or you escaped.  He wasn’t chewing on you for 24 hours a day for weeks or months on end.  In 2022, it is probably years that never seem to end.

3.  I know that watching the news gives me bad thoughts, yet I can’t stop that bad habit of paying attention to it.  I feel it is my civic duty to understand what is occurring in our world.  This leads me to an equation you haven’t seen, but have heard.  I=B.  Ignorance is bliss.  I think this equation may be more vital to us humans than E = mc2. 

The ancient art of acupuncture deals with energy.  This is frowned upon my modern allopathic medicine.  Medicine likes to use models to describe a phenomena.  So lets use water as our model.  There are 2 H’s and one O.  H20.  If we place energy into this model/system we’ll get steam.  If we remove energy from this model/system we get ice.  According to modern medicine it is H20.  Just H20, nothing more, nothing less.  According to a young puppy dog, it is much more.  That little fella knows that if he sticks his cute little paw in a bowl of steam it is going to feel different from a bowl of ice.  Sadly, for patients your doctor does not accept this.  I’m not saying that the puppy is smarter, but I’m not saying that he is not.  However I am saying that your puppy is not the number one cause of death in America, but modern medicine is.

4.  The medical model of health and disease is too much or too little.  If your thyroid is not working it is diagnosed as a hypothyroid condition.  If it is working too much you have hyperthyroidism.  If you work too much, you’re a workaholic.  If you work too little you’re lazy.  If you have too much sex you’re a nymphomaniac.  Too little and you’re frigid.  You’re only O.K. when you are in the middle, not too much (that bowl of steam with too much energy in it) or not too little (that bowl of ice with too little energy in it).  Acupuncturists balance that energy to be like Goldilocks.  Not too much, not too little, just right.  Chiropractors do that even more powerfully by adjusting your spine, which is 20% of your brain and personally I find it more pleasant that being a dart board for needles.

5.  I=B is a health strategy that many people use.  However, I have to question ignorance is happiness simply based upon what we all experienced just lately.  Ignorant scientists told us more ignorant peasants that we would all die if we did not get an injection that would make our DNA produce spike proteins that are now discovered to weaken our delicate immune systems that also require to be in a state of balance.

Too much S1 spike protein makes your immune system too busy to protect you from all of the other thousands of bad guys floating around in our environment.  We’re seeing a significant increase in autoimmune disease with each vaccine that is mandated.  All of the positive thinking in the world is not going to reverse the effects of these radical interventions.  On the other hand, you can think very positive and that may not be enough to magically overcome diseases that have taken root in your body from perhaps decades of bad living.  Bad living is defined here as out of balance with nature.  McDonalds fast food is not what we evolved from. Science defeated the idiocy of the church that would burn people alive for simply realizing that the Sun was the center of our solar system.  Now, science is destroying anyone that disagrees with their brutal, but very profitable ideas.



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