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The Truth That Most People Can’t Accept


We all have chronic low levels of stress.  That creates autonomic dysfunction.  That leads to damage, degeneration and disease.

Stress is the way our body responds to any kind of demand or change.  It requires a physical, chemical or emotional adjustment.  Stress is a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes the body and brain to go into a state of tension and is a factor in creating disease.

Constant chronic low levels of stress have been linked to, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, memory loss, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, cancer, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, pain and spasms, and even diabetes.  It is like reverse snake oil, it will give you everything instead of cure it.

Everyone suffers from low levels of physical, chemical, and emotional chronic stress.  It impacts your life and health.  Stress is the reason for The Neurologic Epidemic and I suspect you never heard of that one, but you probably have noticed that everyone is sick and most doctors don’t have a cure for it.  Fortunately chiropractors do.  Our treatments will reduce the cortisol levels in your blood stream and cortisol is the actual hormone that does the damage of stress.

You may think the basic muscular skeletal type of complaint that you are calling a chiropractor about is just that alone, but it is a sign of much more.  Most of my patients don’t realize that their accompanying headaches, allergies, and other various ailments are related to it.  You may not realize it, but that is what made you call a chiropractor.  It is this constant stress, this neurological epidemic that most likely has caused your back pain.  Your spine is 20% of your central nervous system and how your spinal joints function determines how your nervous system functions, and that in turn determines how sick you are going to get.

Chances are whatever you think you did to hurt your back didn’t do it, it was most likely years of wear and tear and the stress that it creates.  That in turn creates inflammatory states in your body, which always resolve with scar tissue, which is weaker than normal tissue and leads to chronic pain and dysfunction.

As a chiropractor I don’t really treat the hundreds of ailments that patients have told me about and have very often helped.  I correct the nerve interference that creates them.  My adjustments to your spine, to 20% of your central nervous system normalizes and maximizes brain function.  It neutralizes the stress response.  Most patients call me because of pain, but I want you to realize that I’m working with your brain.  Pain eventually goes away, but stress never does.  Ongoing stress requires ongoing care to neutralize it.  We can’t get rid of all of our stress, but we can neutralize some of the factors of stress that create the harm.

When I ask a patient where in their body do they hold and constantly carry their stress they have no problem answering it?  However, they are usually not aware of the connection I’m hinting at.

Pain is not the problem, pain is an indication that you have a problem.  Do you think that your problem is caused mostly by physical, chemical, or emotional stress?  Why do you think your body failed to heal itself this time?  Pain hurts, but stress kills.  Most patients are bathing and marinating in cortisol.  That is the actual stress hormone.  When they say stress kills, they are talking about constant high levels of cortisol.  Chiropractic reduces cortisol levels.  It changes the function of the vagal nerve which communicates between your brain and your gut and it’s biome.

Our biome is a key component to our health and when a chiropractor adjusts your neck they are strongly affecting the starting point of the vagal nerve in your brain that is sending and receiving signals from your gut.  We have millions of different DNA from different microbes in our gut and  they have many different agendas.  Our brain attempts to organize them just like it organizes all of our billions of different cells that when organized correctly, makes us human.  This requires incredible amounts of communication and while you may be impressed with the speed of your internet connection, our spinal cord, that 20% of your brain is working thousands of times harder and better.  Well at least for people that get regular chiropractic care.

When your brain is balanced it shows up as good posture.  But when your brain is overly stressed and out of balance one of the very first ways we can determine that your brain is not functioning optimally, that you have a neural imbalance is by observing your posture.  I don’t need an MRI scan of your brain to determine some of it’s basic functions.  Bad posture reflects a neurological imbalance.  I know you are concerned about your back problems, but neurological problems left uncorrected leads to over all poor general health.  What I really do is manage and neutralize your stress while addressing your spinal pain complaint.  My focus is on how do I best serve you, the patient.  In turn, most patients are not exactly open to this information.

The language of the brain and the body is repetition.  An example of this is thinking that you can go to the gym once a month and get in great shape.  Everyone knows that if you want to get into great shape you need to go to the gym multiple times a week for multiple months.  After you finally get in that great shape, you’re not going to remain that way if you start going haphazardly again.

This is how patients get the maximum results with chiropractic care.  What we do with repetition with spinal adjusting creates great health and often miracles.  I’ve been getting adjusted weekly for over 4 decades.  I started getting adjusted when I was two years old.  Your goal should be for not only feeling better, but functioning better.  You’re sleeping better, you are digesting your food better, all systems in your body are working better, not just your back ache went away.  But when you get to that level, stopping care will only have you reverting back to the way you were.  We have to constantly get adjusted because stress never goes away.  Ongoing stress requires ongoing care.

I’ve changed the way I practice years ago and only do house calls.  Often I only see people in pain because let’s face it, pain is a great motivator.  I used to tell this information to everyone of my patients in my office and since the internet has taken over the world, I thought it would be a great way of informing people with regard to what is best for them.  The way I practice now I cannot see everyone at the frequency that they should be seen, but, I’m always glad to recommend a local chiropractor if I know them personally.  Many of my patients have me return to their home or office because they like the way I adjust them and after decades of being in practice, I am certain that you’ll feel the difference.



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