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Things You Should Know

The Chiropractic Adjustment and Why You Want Them

The Chiropractic Adjustment is not something as simple as un-pinching a pinched nerve. It is much more than that. The science of the chiropractic subluxation is something most chiropractors spent 4 years in college and 5 years in graduate school to understand.

Classic literature tells us that there are 5 senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, which includes the category of pain. Let’s use a little common sense here. You can put your finger behind your back where it is not touching anything, you can’t smell it, taste, it hear it or see it, yet your brain knows exactly where it is. This is called proprioception and the most powerful types of nerves in our bodies are responsible for this 6th sense. Those same nerves are also for mechanoreception. The difference between them is proprioceptors are for information within ourselves, think back to that example I gave about your finger and mechanoreceptors are for registering outside forces such as differences in pressure.
These types of nerves are the nerves that allow chiropractors to get the amazing results they do with regard to all matters of health complaints because these nerves that surround our spinal joints go to many areas of the brain.

The Back Attack Chiropractic Specialist

First don’t bother calling your medical doctor or local emergency room because they will not know what that term means since I made it up.  If I would have written So, you think you’re having a Sprain/Strain you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  Let me try and be of some use to you.

I call it a Back Attack because it is as painful as a Heart Attack and sometimes worse, but it is not serious.  It is not serious because I define a Back Attack as pain restricted to only your low back.  The symptoms do not extend into your legs with things such as , numbness, weakness, tingling, that sought of phenomena.  If your low back pain includes leg symptoms chances are it is more involved, but not necessarily serious.  Often, those symptoms can be treated successfully with conservative methods.

What Is The Best Chiropractic Care?

When you’re in Pain who is the Best Chiropractor for you? Let me make the case for why you  may want to call me.

3 Critical things you should know when you’re in pain.  1. Not all pain requires MRI’s, CAT Scans, EMG’s, X-Rays, other expensive tests, and exotic treatments that also can take weeks to schedule.  2. Most often severe back pain is best managed with highly skilled/competent chiropractic care. 3.  How available and near you is a chiropractor specialist?  I’m very near you since I am totally dedicated to house calls only.  Many of my patients are in so much pain they can’t get out of bed or off the floor.

The Not-Too-Hard To Understand Neurology Behind The Health Benefits Of Yoga or Why Yoga is the best free health insurance you can have.

The easiest way to understand this difficult subject is to picture our central nervous system as a building with a lot of electrical wires. The wires don’t do a whole lot, but plug in a television, and for some people, their entire world has miraculously changed. Plug-in a washing machine and we have a totally different function. Nothing is happening in the house until the appliances (muscles, organs, glands) are turned on.

Sensory receptors are like switches that turn on the body. A sensory receptor can be as simple as a raw nerve ending that tells us we’re being burned, to something as complicated as a retina that allows us to convert reflections of light into images. Nothing is going to take place in the body without these switches being stimulated into the ‘on’ position.

The Truth That Most People Can’t Accept

We all have chronic low levels of stress.  That creates autonomic dysfunction.  That leads to damage, degeneration and disease.

Stress is the way our body responds to any kind of demand or change.  It requires a physical, chemical or emotional adjustment.  Stress is a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes the body and brain to go into a state of tension and is a factor in creating disease.

Constant chronic low levels of stress have been linked to, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, memory loss, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, cancer, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, pain and spasms, and even diabetes.  It is like reverse snake oil, it will give you everything instead of cure it.