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Weaponized Food or Forced Obesity

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What do I mean by that?  Reviewing health news articles from the past 4 decades reveals that our current poor health is basically being created on purpose by special interest groups.  The Sugar Industry long ago has paid off Harvard scientists to state that it was only fat that caused heart disease and that sugar was good for you.  It seems that every dietetic agency has severe conflicts of interest.  That means they are corrupt.

Millions of people get sick and die based upon the bought and paid for recommendations of these agencies.  Colleges are not any better.  An algorithm created by Tufts to let the public know how healthy a food is reveals that Lucky Charms, which is basically all sugar and the box it comes in costs 10 times more than the ingredients in the box, which again, is all sugar is healthier for you than eggs and meat.  How much healthier?  About 50% according to their algorithm.

Common sense, not bought and paid for scientists tells us that it is our horrid artificial food industry that is making our children and us obese and sick for life. Very recently the doctors that we are told to trust, the ones that take care of our children, yes the American Academy of Pediatrics, came out with new guidelines.  By the way, their slogan is “Dedicated To The Health Of All Children”  Yet children are not healthy under their guidance.

They announced that Drugs and Surgery should be considered early for Obese children.  12 year olds should be aggressively attacked with drugs and surgery.  Not diet, not exercise, but drugs and surgery.  However their diet is what made them obese.  Almost everything in a supermarket is not really food.  If it can stay in a box or can it has a lot of harmful ingredients and many of those ingredients are in their to make us eat more of it.

It seems as if the Food Industry creates foods that create disease and the Medical industry wants to capitalize on that.  The Academy of Pediatrics has not made any recommendations on obesity for about 14 years, but they did last week, which is in January of 2023 give or take.  By coincidence there is a new drug recommended for obese kids 12 and older.  The kid will receive a weekly injection.  The drug is a modified diabetes medication.  Another drug is being fast tracked called Tirzepatide and it is basically a Type 2 diabetes drug as well.  Which leads to this headline, Drugs used for diabetes now in short supply due to people using them for weight loss, doctor says.

Keep in mind that one of the main side effects for almost every drug is what you are taking it for.  You might want to read that twice.  Never mind, I’ll just type it again.   One of the main side effects for almost every drug is what you are taking it for.  Judging by their track record, we just seem to get sicker.  Sure we may live longer, but we need a lot of meds to get through the day.  Not good for us, but it is good for pharmaceutical companies that now have 1 in 4 elementary school kids on a drug that they’ll be taking for the rest of their lives.  Not only do they now want to saw away kids fat with scalpels, they also want to use those scalpels to change their sex.  If a parent disagrees with their kid’s teacher’s recommendation to change the kids sex, they could be labeled as terrorists that the FBI will investigate.  If a scientist disagrees that what I just wrote is all wrong, that scientist is on someone’s payroll and it isn’t from a benevolent dictator.

To make this simpler to understand, a company has a product, it’s not tested honestly.  Pharma gets the government agencies that it owns to put it on the market. Politicians that take bribes can even push through bills to mandate very bad things for us.

How corrupt is all of this?  Last week 11 million people saw a video of a Pfizer executive in the research and development division bragging about how they are going to evolve the virus, which is gain of function, which is outlawed, in order to have vaccines ready to be sold.  He said this will be their new cash cow.

What is devastating about that story to me is not all the harm it will create, but that not one main stream news media reported something that 11 million people retweeted.  Now that is real power.  That power is being aimed at you to rob you of your most important possession; your health.



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