At Your Back and Call: Open 24/7

What To Expect

My goal is to get to you as soon as possible because I understand that you being in pain can seem like an eternity.

I bring every piece of equipment that can be found in a modern office. You may not require it all, but I like to have everything with me in case you do need it.

The typical visit lasts approximately an hour. Even if someone is on my schedule after you, I’m not rushing out the door until all methods have been utilized to provide you relief.

To have more face to face clinical time with me it is to your advantage to print out the intake form, however if you can’t I will provide you one and you can fill it out as I’m setting up the equipment.

I accept cash and credit cards as a form of payment.

Many of my patients are overjoyed with the level of service they received and ask me if there is something they could do for me. If you feel that way, a simple few sentence positive review on Yelp is always appreciated. Thank you for that.

When someone suffers a back attack it is more likely than not that you’ll require additional treatment. I do occasionally see patients at Dr. John Min’s office, but typically he is there for you during normal business hours to help you. 12732 Washington Blvd Ste C Los Angeles, CA 90066 Between Culver City and the Marina. Phone number(310) 301-0558

Sometimes people ask me to return and the second visit is usually discounted by $100. However, if you have relapsed and are still in very severe discomfort and require just as much time as the first visit, I cannot provide that discount.