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96% of primary care physicians believe the nation’s healthcare system should place more emphasis on nutrition to treat and manage chronic disease, according to a new survey. However, only 12% believe physicians currently pay significant attention to nutrition in the context of chronic disease, according to a briefing on Capitol Hill.

I could rest my case right here with regard to why as a nation we are so sick, but the chances of that are slim, pun intended. I’ll never forget this headline from USA today, October 14, 2003, “Obesity Predicted for 40% of America”. The last figure I saw, stated that the country is now 60% obese. While most people would look at that headline and conclude that we’re getting fatter, I see it as, if the experts that were in charge of our health care system were right, then why are we progressively getting worse?

There are a lot of answers for that question and I’ll give just one for now. In 1988 when the food pyramid was bought and paid for, I mean introduced, the country only had 8 states where the obesity rate was over 35%. Within just 12 years of implementing the disastrous food pyramid guide to healthy eating, every state’s population is now considered to be more than 35% obese.

People seem to think of obesity and diabetes and all the other numerous chronic life style diseases as something you just magically catch. This mentality fosters dependency instead of responsibility. Most patients’ bodies’ today are just trying to survive their environment. What we are suffering from is chronic adaptive physiology.

Most patients sitting in a doctor’s waiting room are there because they don’t know that what they are suffering from is a nutritional deficiency. Unfortunately, just taking a magic vitamin is not going to produce very good results.

Life is too short. If you have been chronically ill, taking medications, and getting worse, then the way you are doing things, it’s going to be shorter. I boldly say this because, if what you were doing was working, you wouldn’t have read this far.

My mom got me started taking supplements when I was 5 because she already had cancer twice. She gave up on medicine when her doctors gave up on her and she started learning about good nutrition. I guess she was ahead of her time because she is still alive at the age of 92 as of March 2011. To be clear, I do not treat any disease process. I help release the body’s ability to self heal. Of course, it is imperative to know what disease you have and a proper diagnosis is vital to getting on the right path.

Since I graduated chiropractic school in 1982, I’ve been using nutritional therapy to help patients get well. Every year I spent countless hours learning what is new, and what is no longer relevant. It requires an exorbitant amount of time to stay current in this rapidly expanding field of health. False marketing claims make it even more difficult for the unsuspecting consumer to succeed. This is my way of saying; you don’t want to go this alone. If you just want to feel better, there are quicker and less expensive ways to do it. Tylenol might make you feel better, but you are not going to get healthy from it, in fact, it is the leading cause of liver transplants.

I think you realize my point. But in case you don’t, I have never seen a patient’s blood work come back stating that the patient had an insufficiency of Valium, Prozac, Lipitor, etc. All drugs have side effects and that is what often causes patients to seek my care. Sometimes, you have no choice but to remain on medication, and in those situations, you certainly need to give your body the nutrients that are being destroyed by the drugs you are taking.

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